• Funding : CALL, Artois
  • Start year :
  • 2021

Intending to offer citizens of Lens-Liévin agglomeration digital healthcare services, this thesis aims to develop intelligent services for pathologies prediction and prevention. Prediction consists in identifying plausible pathologies, and prevention aims in determining the probable causes of these pathologies. This thesis aims to design, implement and evaluate intelligent digital services for the prediction and prevention of pathologies based on medical health data and paramedical data (sport and well-being). The development of these services will require the integration of several areas of Artificial Intelligence including natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) tasks. This thesis will be carried out in collaboration with the Center Hospitalier de Lens belonging to the public hospitals of Artois (GHT Artois) which also includes the Center Hospitalier de Béthune Beuvry, the Center Hospitalier d’Hénin-Beaumont and the Center Hospitalier de La Bassée.