The Open Cyclodextrin database allows users to search and access to the association constant of various guest molecules with cyclodextrins. The database supports various structural query formats, including SMILES, InChI, and Molecular Formula. To maintain the quality and reliability of the data, the Open Cyclodextrin database follows a rigorous review process. Contributions from researchers are carefully reviewed and verified by moderators to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information. This collaborative approach ensures that the database contains a diverse range of valuable data from various sources. Additionally, the database includes a predictor tool based on Machine Learning model that allows users to estimate the association constant between guest molecules and different cyclodextrins.

Authors :
Éric Monflier (UCCS Artois)
Adlane Sayede (UCCS Artois)
Sébastien Tilloy (UCCS Artois)

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