The Pajero project brings together industrial (Horizontal Software, EQUITIME, CAPS) and academic (CRIL, I3S, PRISM) partners and aims to implement a multiple resource management solution capable of handling large-scale problems using innovative constraint programming techniques and parallelism, particularly in the cloud. The scientific responsibility of the project lies with CRIL. This 4-year project (2011-2015) is financed by OSEO within the ISI program (Industrial Strategic Innovation). The budget allocated to the laboratory (more than 800 k€) has allowed the recruitment of 3 PhD students, 1 research engineer (3 years) and 1 post-doctoral student. The group of the laboratory working on this project is composed of 13 people and is developing two lines of research: the integration of different paradigms within the same solver (hard constraints, soft constraints, optimization, explanations, etc.) as well as the parallelization of search algorithms.

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