Compiling Provenance Data (CODA)

PEPS JCJC INS2I 2017 impliquant le CRIL et CRIStAL UMR 9189.

In this project, we will strengthen recently found links between databases and artificial intelligence, more specifically between query evaluation and knowledge compilation. The idea is that so-called provenance data that plays an important role in complex database queries can be transformed into representations that have been studied before by the artificial intelligence community. These representations then allow for tractable reasoning on the data to perform tasks from the area of databases. The goals of this project are mainly twofold: On the one hand, we will analyze in which cases the translation of data into the desired target representation is possible. To this end, we will show upper and lower bounds in different settings. On the other hand, we will explore the use cases, i.e., find out which query evaluation problems can be solved with the proposed approach.

Scientific Responsible for CRIL :
Pierre Bourhis
Duration :