This year, 9 papers co-authored by CRIL’s members will be presented at ECAI 2016 :

  • Set-valued conditioning in a possibility theory setting, Salem Benferhat, Vladik Kreinovich, Amélie Levray, Karim Tabia

  • An Improved CNF Encoding Scheme for Probabilistic Inference, Anicet Bart, Frédéric Koriche, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Pierre Marquis

  • A Computational Approach to Consensus-Finding, Eric Grégoire, Jean-Marie Lagniez

  • On Redundancy in Simple Temporal Networks, Jae Hee Lee, Sanjiang Li, Zhiguo Long, Michael Sioutis

  • On the Computation of Top-k Extensions in Abstract Argumentation Frameworks, Said Jabbour, Badran Raddaoui, Lakhdar Sais, Yakoub Salhi

  • Exploiting MUS Structure to Measure Inconsistency of Knowledge Bases, Said Jabbour, Lakhdar Sais

  • On Distances between KD45n Kripke Models and their Use for Belief Revision, Thomas Caridroit, Sebastien Konieczny, Tiago de Lima, Pierre Marquis

  • Fixed-Parameter Tractable Optimization under DNNF Constraints, Frederic Koriche, Daniel Le Berre, Emmanuel Lonca, Pierre Marquis

  • On Inconsistency Measuring and Resolving, Said Jabbour (short)