CRIL is organizing a workshop “Change in Argumentation” on September 29 and 30 at the faculty of science Jean Perrin.

Argumentation is one of the main theoretical tools to reason with conflicting information.

It is useful for instance for non-monotonic reasoning, decision making, negotiation, dialogue, and has applications in law and medecine.

Several arguments settings exist, from purely abstract ones to logic-based ones. Whatever the setting gathering the information required for building the argumentation system is an expensive task.

Therefore, if some change in the environment happens, those changes should be accommodated directly on the argumentation system, without requiring to build once more the whole argumentation system.

Accordingly handling the change problem in argumentation appears as a very important issue. The aim of this workshop is to discuss recent developments about this issue.

The topics of interest include:

  • Change in abstract and logical argumentation framework
  • Modelization of change via negotiation, deliberation or dialogue
  • Merging of argumentation systems
  • Protocols for deliberation
  • Distances for argumentation systems
  • Conflicts and measures of conflict for argumentation systems

The Workshop on Change in Argumentation is organized in link with the ANR-funded project AMANDE.

All details (including the programme) are available on the workshop web page.