From 11 June to 12 June, the CRIL organizes the days of PhD students ( JDD - 2015). This year, the doctoral students will present their work in Fort- Mahon.

Thursday, june 11 th

  • E. Lonca : Multiobjective optimization : Complexity under compiled constraints and solving using SAT

  • N. Gharbi : Constraint Solving using Parallel Singleton Arc Consistency

  • E. Piette : General Game Playing with Stochastic CSP

  • S. Thomas: Compiling Constraint Networks into Multivalued Decomposable Decision Graphs

  • J. Delobelle : Ranking-based semantics

  • N.Szczepanski : AnexperimentalevaluationofCubeandConquer

  • A. Belabed : Privacy-aware service selection of composite web services

Friday, june 12 th

  • J-G. Mailly :

    • Extension Enforcement in Abstract Argumentation as an Optimization Problem
    • CoQuiAAS : Applications de la programmation par contraintes à l’argumentation abstraite
  • A. Levray : Uncertainty representations, transformations and graphical models

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  • M. Sioutis : On Ordering Spatio-Temporal Sequences to meet Transition Constraints

  • T. Caridroit : Private Expansion and Revision in Multi-Agent Settings

  • Y.Izza : Interactive Resolution and Compilation of Constraint Satisfaction Problems