Main Track

  • Compiling Constraint Networks into Multivalued Decomposable Decision Graphs

Frederic Koriche (CRIL-CNRS and Université d’Artois), Jean-Marie JM Lagniez (CRIL-CNRS and Université d’Artois); Marquis Pierre (CRIL-CNRS and Université d’Artois); Samuel Thomas (CRIL-CNRS and Université d’Artois)

  • How to select one preferred assertional-based repair from inconsistent and uncertain Description Logic knowledge bases?

Salem Benferhat (CRIL-CNRS UMR 8188), Zied Bouraoui (CRIL-CNRS UMR 8188); Karim Tabia (n/a)

KR Track

  • Extension Enforcement in Abstract Argumentation as an Optimization Problem

Sylvie Coste-Marquis (CRIL, U. Artois - CNRS); Sebastien Konieczny (CRIL - CNRS); Jean-Guy Mailly (CRIL, U. Artois - CNRS); Pierre Marquis (CRIL-CNRS/Université d’Artois, France);

  • Efficiently Characterizing Non-Redundant Constraints in Large Real World Qualitative Spatial Networks

Michael Sioutis (CRIL-CNRS/Université d’Artois, France); Sanjiang Li (University of Technology, Sydney); Jean-Francois Condotta (CRIL, U. Artois - CNRS);

  • Compatible-based conditioning in interval-based possibilistic logic

Salem Benferhat (CRIL CNRS UMR 8188); Amélie Levray (CRIL CNRS UMR 8188); Karim Tabia (CRIL UMR CNRS 8188); Vladik Kreinovich (University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso);

  • On the Aggregation of Argumentation Frameworks

Jérôme Delobelle (CRIL, CNRS - Université d’Artois); Sébastien Konieczny (CRIL - CNRS); Srdjan Vesic (CRIL, CNRS - Univ. Artois);