• PhD Student:
  • Abdelmoutia Telli
  • Funding : Other
  • PhD defended on :
  • May 13, 2018 • Université de Biskra - Algeria

Joint work with the university of Biskra, Algeria.

DL-Lite is one of the most important lightweight description logics. This thesis investigates different approaches for handling inconsistent DL-Lite knowledge bases in the case where the assertional base is prioritized and inconsistent with the terminological base. The inconsistency problem often happens when the assertions are provided by multiple conflicting sources having different reliability levels. We first give how to reason from a flat DL-Lite knowledge base, with a multiple ABox, which can be issued from multiple information sources. We then propose different inference strategies based on the selection of one consistent assertional base, called a preferred repair. For each strategy, a polynomial algorithm for computing the associated single preferred repair is proposed. Selecting a unique repair is important since it allows an efficient handling of queries. We provide experimental studies showing (from a computational point of view) the benefits of selecting one repair when reasoning under inconsistency in lightweight knowledge bases. A process of creating an ontology for traditional vietnamese dances as part of the european project AniAge has been developed.