• HDR Defended on :
  • Nov 22, 2007

One of the major challenges in constraint programming is to propose efficient generic approaches for solving constraint satisfaction problems. It is in this sense, i.e. in a context as generic as possible, that our work concerning the CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problem) framework have been carried out in the last few years. In particular, most of the results we have obtained since 2003 are exploitable whatever the nature of the problem to be treated and the type of constraints involved. For this habilitation, we propose a synthesis of our work over the last five years by structuring it around four main themes: representation, inference, search and learning. In a transversal way, we underline our continuous search for simplicity.



  • Christian Bessière (CNRS Research Director) - LIRMM Montpellier
  • Thomas Schiex (Research Director INRA) - MIA Toulouse
  • Richard J. Wallace (Researcher) - 4C Cork


  • Jean-Paul Delahaye (University Professor) - LIFL Lille
  • Eric Grégoire (University Professor) - CRIL Lens
  • Narendra Jussien (Assistant Professor, HDR) - EMN Nantes
  • Gérard Verfaillie (Senior Researcher) - ONERA Toulouse