Organization chart of CRIL (Fr)


Éric Grégoire (Director)

Pierre Marquis (Delegate Director)

Lakhdar Saïs (Delegate Director)

Research Axes

Research activities are organized around two major domains

Systems, Networks and Software

Bertrand Mazure (Co-Leader)

Olivier Roussel (Co-Leader)

Thomas Caridroit (Software development and web)

Fabien Delorme (Software development and web)

Emmanuel Lonca (Software development and web)

François Chevallier (Systems / Networks / Cluster)

Administration and Management

Virginie Delahaye (HR management, Budget)

Frédéric Renard (Administrator)

Sandrine Saitzek (Mission managemment / Expense management)


Daniel Le Berre (In charge of communication)

Srdjan Vesic (In charge of seminars)

Representative of CRIL at Doctoral School