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Lens Computer Science Research Lab (CRIL UMR 8188) is a joined laboratory between Université d’Artois and CNRS, grouping together 50 members, including researchers, lecturers, PhD students, postdocs and administrative or technical staff.


Artificial Intelligence Research and Applications

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Tommie Meyer

Seminar Constraint Games

Arnaud Lallouet

Constraint Games are a recent framework proposed to model and solve static games where Constraint Programming is used to express players preferences. In a recent work, we rethink the solving technique in terms of constraint propagation by considering players preferences as global constraints. It yields not only a more elegant but also a more efficient framework. Our new complete solver is faster than previous state-of-the-art and is able to find all pure Nash equilibria for some problems with 200 players. We also show that performances can greatly be improved for graphical games, allowing some games with 2000 players to be solved.


Seminar Developing a parallel CP (or SAT) solver through the exploitation of strong propagation methods.

Kostas Stergiou (University of Western Macedonia)

As a result of the considerable recent advances in parallel constraint solving, a number of quite efficient parallel CP and SAT solvers have been developed. Parallel constraint solving techniques are roughly divided in search space splitting and portfolio-based ones. In this talk we describe a novel scheme for developing a parallel CP (or SAT) solver through the exploitation of strong propagation methods. This scheme is orthogonal to the two general categories of parallelization methods and it is presented as a search algorithm consisting of a main process, which is a typical CP (or SAT) solver, aided by a number of coworkers running in parallel.