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Lens Computer Science Research Lab (CRIL UMR 8188) is a joint laboratory between Université d’Artois and CNRS, that has a strong research focus on Artificial Intelligence and its applications. It groups together 50 members, including researchers, lecturers, PhD students, postdocs and administrative or technical staff.

The CRIL is a member of the Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe of or the regional humAIn alliance. It is funded by Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, CNRS, Université d’Artois and Hauts de France region.

CRIL is located in two different places in Lens: at the faculty of science and at the technical institute (IUT).

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Artificial Intelligence Research and Applications

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An article co-authored by CRIL's members distinguished at ECAI'2020

The list of distinguished papers at the European Conference in Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) has been unveiled on August 29, 2020, during the opening of the conference which will be a fully digital event due to COVID19.

The conference received 1363 full papers, among which 365 have been accepted for publication.

The article Consolidating Modal Knowledge Bases de Zied Bouraoui, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Pierre Marquis et Valentin Montmirail is one of the six papers to be distinguished.

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Publication of A Guided Tour of Artificial Intelligence Research

The three volumes of “A Guided Tour of Artificial Intelligence Research”
have just been published by Springer:

Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Learning
AI Algorithms
Interfaces and Applications of AI

They constitute a large landscape of the research in artificial intelligence, with more
than 1900 pages and 53 chapters written by 144 authors.

This is the english version, completely updated and extended (by 500 pages), of a similar scope french publication
by Cépaduès.

Several members from CRIL contributed so those volumes, whose editors are Pierre Marquis, Odile Papini et Henri Prade.

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Accepted papers at IJCAI'20

This year, 8 papers from CRIL will be presented at IJCAI 2020!.

This record number of accepted papers from the lab for a single edition happened while the acceptance rate has been exceptionally low this year (12,6%).

Main track (Constraints and SAT)

On Irrelevant Literals in Pseudo-Boolean Constraint Learning
Daniel Le Berre, Pierre Marquis, Stefan Mengel, Romain Wallon

Main track (Knowledge Representation and Reasoning)

Belief Merging Operators as Maximum Likelihood Estimators
Patricia Everaere, Sebastien Konieczny, Pierre Marquis

Inconsistency Measurement for Improving Logical Formula Clustering
Yakoub Salhi

Lower Bounds for Approximate Knowledge Compilation
Alexis de Colnet, Stefan Mengel

On Computational Aspects of Iterated Belief Change
Nicolas Schwind, Sebastien Konieczny, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Pierre Marquis

Ranking Semantics for Argumentation Systems With Necessities
Dragan Doder, Srdjan Vesic, Madalina Croitoru

Main track (Data Mining)

On the Enumeration of Association Rules: A Decomposition-based Approach
Yacine Izza, Said Jabbour, Badran Raddaoui, Abdelahmid Boudane

Main track (Natural Language Processing)

Hierarchical Linear Disentanglement of Data-Driven Conceptual Spaces
Rana Alshaikh, Zied Bouraoui, Steven Schockaert

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H2020 project TAILOR to build a European network of excellence in AI accepted

CRIL is one of the few French partners of the H2020 project called TAILOR, set up by the confederation of laboratories for AI research in Europe (CLAIRE) and proposed in response to the call
ICT-48 RIA “Proposal on the Foundations of Trustworthy AI”, aimed at building a European network of excellence in AI. TAILOR stands for “Trustworthy AI Integrating Learning, Optimization and Reasoning”.
The project which has just been accepted, brings together 55 partners (universities, research centers, industrial partners) from a wide range of countries across Europe.

Link to CLAIRE press release

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Accepted papers at IJCAI'19

This year, 3 papers from CRIL will be presented at IJCAI 2019.

Rational Inference Relations from Maximal Consistent Subsets Selection: Sébastien Konieczny, Pierre Marquis, Srdjan Vesic
What Has Been Said? Identifying the Change Formula in a Belief Revision Scenario: Nicolas Schwind, Katsumi Inoue, Sébastien Konieczny, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Pierre Marquis
Simple Conditionals with Constrained Right Weakening: Giovanni Casini, Thomas Meyer, Ivan Varzinczak

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