2017 XCSP3 Competition

Rules and available instances

Detailed results

The slides of the presentation at CP 2017 are available.

The detailed results of the different tracks are available below:

List of solvers in the competition

Resources allocated to solvers and other details

Details of instances selection

After a few iterations, the jury has decided how many instances should be selected in each series and has transmitted an Excel file (selectionList-final.xls). Their numbers have been merged with the list of instances in the file selection-input.txt. Then, select.cc has been compiled and run on a Fedora 23, with glibc 2.22.18.fc23 to obtain the final random selection (selection-output.txt).

After the first run, it was discovered that some selected instances did not respect the XCSP3 format (e.g. duplicate values in domains) and some other instances did not respect the restrictions of the competition (e.g. forbidden constraints such as those using * in tables, and the variant allDifferent-list). It was decided to fix these problems as much as possible.

Out of the 1013 instances initially selected by the jury, 117 were either reformulated (and given new names) to match the restrictions of the competition or modified (with the same names) to respect the XCSP format. 23 instances could not be reformulated and were discarded. In the end, 990 instances were selected: 480 COP and 510 CSP (in the mini-solver track: 191 COP and 270 CSP, 461 instances in total).

After contestants were able to check their own solver(s) results, it was reported that several instances should not appear in the selection (because they contain constraints which are not allowed by the call for solvers). The list of forbidden instances has been updated, and forbidden instances were removed from the competition. The final numbers of instances are : 439 COP and 510 CSP in the main tracks (949 in total), 117 COP and 242 CSP in the mini-solver track (359 in total).

The list of instances which were replaced can be found in xcsp17-substitutions.txt. The list of instances which were removed from the main tracks can be found in xcsp17-removed-main.txt. The list of instances which were removed from the mini tracks can be found in xcsp17-removed-mini.txt. The lists of removed instances also contain the list of reformulated instances.

Concerning the modification of problems, ten problems were modified, mainly as indicated above because the instances contained table constraints with short tables (containing *), or a a variant of nValues encoding notAllEqual (which is not in the scope of the restrictions imposed by the competition) or allDifferent-list.

These problems are:

Note that you can find the Java class org.xcsp.checker.CompetitionChecker on github that can be run to check if an instance can be selected for a standard track and a minisolver track.