My Ph.D. subject was Intégration de techniques CSP pour la résolution du problème WCSP under Christophe Lecoutre, Olivier Roussel and Sébastien Tabary. Naturally, we worked in association with all others CRIL members !

Constraint Programming (CP) is a general framework providing efficient models and algorithms to solve combinatorial problems. CP allows us to address both decision problems (CSP, SAT, ...) and optimization problems (COP, WCSP, ...), while handling (usually independently) different constraint paradigms such as hard constraints, soft constraints, conditional constraints, etc. The goal of this thesis is to develop a unifying model (to be implemented as a constraint solver) integrating these different constraint paradigms and to define the algorithms allowing us to solve efficiently large real-world problems.

This thesis was a contribution to the industrial PAJERO project which aims at solving large, concrete problems as efficiently as possible on the cloud.

The PhD was in the context of a project ISI (Industrial Strategic Innovation) supported by the french institution BPIFRANCE. This project gathers three companies as well as two other laboratories.