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Before beginning my PhD in Computer Science, I have got a Master's degree in the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering of USTL (Lille, France) and I worked for six years as studies and development engineer at the Atos Worldline company (France). Afterwards, I worked as a PhD student at the Centre de Recherche en Informatique de Lens (CRIL, Artois University, France). My research focused on Artificial Intelligence - Constraint Programming (CP) under C. Lecoutre (Professor in Computer Science), O. Roussel (Assistant Professor in Computer Science) and S. Tabary (Assistant Professor in Computer Science). On November 6, 2014, I defensed my Ph.D. thesis, entitled "Intégration de techniques CSP pour la résolution du problème WCSP". Since October 2014, I hold a teaching and research temporary assistant position in the Institut Universitaire Technologique de Lens.

Nicolas PARIS
Universite Lens


Dr. Nicolas PARIS

  • CRIL (CNRS UMR8188) - IUT de Lens
    Rue de l'université - SP 16
    62307 LENS Cedex (France)
  • Email: paris@cril.univ-artois.fr
  • Web: http://www.cril.fr/~paris/
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