General informations

IEA/AIE 2017 will take place at the Université d’Artois in Arras, close to Paris, a beautiful old Flemish-style town in the Northern part of France.

The Université d’Artois is located within a walking distance from the Arras SNCF train station. IEA/AIE’17 attendees should make their hotel reservations as soon as possible since many events will take place in Arras this end of June.

Plan of the campus

Plan in full size.

How to reach Arras?

By car

The conference location is at Université d’Artois, 9 rue du Temple, 62030 Arras. It can be easily reached by the A1 toll-highway from Paris and Northern part of Europe (180 kms from downtown Paris, 155 kms from Paris International CDG Roissy Airport).

By train

There are direct high-speed train services (TGV) from both the CDG Roissy Airport and the main SNCF Gare du Nord (also called Paris-Nord) train station. The journey takes 40 mins. TGV schedules can be found here.

Remember: before boarding trains in France, you must buy your ticket and validate (“composter”) it.

By air

Fly to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Roissy (CDG) airport, the main Paris international airport. There, take a TGV high-speed train to Arras from the SNCF train station located within the airport. As an alternative, you can take the 40 minutes metro-train RER B journey to the main Paris-Nord-Gare-du-Nord SNCF train station in downtown Paris. There, board a direct TGV high-speed train to Arras (a 50 minutes journey). If you prefer driving, you can rent a car in the CDG Roissy airport. The driving distance between the airport and Arras is about 90 minutes by toll road.

If you flight to the other main Paris airport (Orly), you will have to cross Paris using the Orlyval automatic train to the Anthony metro station and then take the RER B metro train to reach the Paris-Nord-Gare-du-Nord SNCF train station.

You can also flight directly to Lille Lesquin and take a shuttle to get to Lille Flandres station.

Coming from London, Brussels, Amsterdam?

If you are coming from the U.K., take the Eurostar high-speed train at the Saint Pancras Station in London to reach Lille-Europe in France within 80 minutes (but do not underestimate the required time for security and customs formalities). In Lille-Europe, you will find some train departures to Arras, but most probably and depending on the selected schedule, you will need to go to the Lille-Flandres station (a 5 minutes walk) and there board a TER regional train to Arras (a 45 minutes journey).

If you are coming from Brussels or Amsterdam, Arras is easily accessible by train through Lille also (Brussels>Lille>Arras, Amsterdam >Lille>Arras).

For all your train journeys in France, see