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General information on the benchmark

Bench CategoryDEC-SMALLINT-NLC (no optimisation, small integers, non linear constraints)
Best result obtained on this benchmarkSAT
Best value of the objective obtained on this benchmark0
Best CPU time to get the best result obtained on this benchmark0.083986
Has Objective FunctionNO
(Un)Satisfiability was provedYES
Best value of the objective function
Optimality of the best value was proved NO
Number of variables400
Total number of constraints602
Number of constraints which are clauses200
Number of constraints which are cardinality constraints (but not clauses)1
Number of constraints which are nor clauses,nor cardinality constraints401
Minimum length of a constraint2
Maximum length of a constraint400
Number of terms in the objective function 0
Biggest coefficient in the objective function 0
Number of bits for the biggest coefficient in the objective function 0
Sum of the numbers in the objective function 0
Number of bits of the sum of numbers in the objective function 0
Biggest number in a constraint 40
Number of bits of the biggest number in a constraint 6
Biggest sum of numbers in a constraint 400
Number of bits of the biggest sum of numbers9
Number of products (including duplicates)5048
Sum of products size (including duplicates)10096
Number of different products2524
Sum of products size5048

Results of the different solvers on this benchmark

Solver NameTraceIDAnswerCPU timeWall clock time
toysat 2012-05-17 (complete)3706144SAT 0.083986 0.085434
toysat 2012-06-01 (complete)3724517SAT 0.087985 0.092404
PB10: pb_cplex 2010-06-29 (complete)3737690SAT 0.488924 0.489908
PB07: Pueblo 1.4 (incomplete)3720502SAT 0.507922 0.510802
PB11: borg pb-dec-11.04.03 (complete)3737692SAT 0.669898 1.06122
npSolver inc-topdown-quickBound (fixed) (complete)3751373SAT 0.91086 0.912819
npSolver inc-topDown (fixed) (complete)3746585SAT 0.935857 0.936685
npSolver inc (fixed) (complete)3748181SAT 0.936856 0.9392
npSolver 1.0 (fixed) (complete)3749777SAT 0.962852 0.966125
PB07: PB-clasp 2007-04-10 (complete)3737682SAT 1.15582 1.06513
PB09: bsolo 3.1 (complete)3737685SAT 1.55576 1.55866
PB07: minisat+ 1.14 (complete)3721751SAT 1.86272 1.86358
SAT4J PB specific settings 2.3.2 snapshot (complete)3710072SAT 2.24566 1.23544
bsolo 3.2 (complete)3707726SAT 2.54661 2.54811
PB09: SAT4J Pseudo Resolution 2.1.1 (complete)3737687SAT 6.98294 6.11371
SAT 4j PB RES // CP 2.3.2 Snapshot (complete)3688776SAT 8.08377 3.46362
PB11: Sat4j Res//CP 2.3.0 (complete)3737693SAT 8.77167 3.9246
PB10: SAT4J PB RES // CP 2.2.0 2010-05-31 (complete)3737689SAT 9.35458 4.66644
SCIP spx SCIP with SoPlex fixed (complete)3690724SAT 13.205 13.2081
SCIP spx E SCIP Exp with SoPlex fixed (complete)3691890SAT 13.45 13.4537
PB10: SCIPspx SCIP with SoPlex 1.4.2 (CVS Version 30.5.2010) as LP solver (complete)3737691SAT 15.7326 15.7351
PB09: SCIPspx SCIP with SoPLEX 1.4.1(24.4.2009) (complete)3737686SAT 16.3095 16.3136
SCIP spx standard SCIP with SoPlex standard fixed (complete)3693056SAT 33.3559 33.373
PB11: SCIP spx E_2 2011-06-10 (fixed) (complete)3737694SAT 66.8688 66.8852
clasp 2.0.6-R5325 (dec) (complete)3708892SAT 149.193 149.221
PB10: borg-pb 10.05.30 (complete)3737688SAT 219.506 209.772
wbo 1.72 (complete)3727922SAT 291.456 291.517
pwbo 2.02 (complete)3726880SAT 292.06 292.221
wbo 1.7 (complete)3705621SAT 292.5 292.546
pwbo 2.0 (complete)3704579SAT 650.548 650.615
PB12: minisatp 1.0-2-g022594c (complete)3722921? 0.005998 0.00745289
PB07: SAT4JPseudoResolution 2007-03-23 (complete)3737684? 0.91486 0.52882
npSolver inc-topDown (complete)3697428? (problem) 0.042992 0.18963
pb2sat 2012-05-19 (complete)3695832? (problem) 0.043993 0.198478
npSolver inc (complete)3699024? (problem) 0.044992 0.178962
npSolver inc-topdown-quickBound (complete)3702216? (problem) 0.045992 0.190307
npSolver 1.0 (complete)3700620? (problem) 0.047992 0.188809
pb2satCp2 2012-05-19 (complete)3694236? (problem) 0.048991 0.232042
PB07: bsolo 3.0.17 (complete)3737683? (TO) 1800.09 1800.63
Sat 4j PB Resolution 2.3.2 Snapshot (complete)3688777? (TO) 1800.57 1788.18

Additionnal information

This section presents information obtained from the best job displayed in the list (i.e. solvers whose names are not hidden).

objective function: 0
Solution found:
x1 -x2 -x3 -x4 -x5 -x6 -x7 -x8 -x9 -x10 -x11 -x12 -x13 -x14 -x15 -x16 -x17 -x18 -x19 -x20 -x21 -x22 -x23 -x24 -x25 -x26 -x27 -x28 -x29 -x30
-x31 -x32 -x33 -x34 -x35 x36 -x37 -x38 -x39 -x40 -x41 -x42 -x43 -x44 -x45 -x46 -x47 -x48 x49 -x50 -x51 -x52 -x53 -x54 -x55 -x56 -x57 -x58
-x59 -x60 x61 x62 -x63 -x64 -x65 -x66 -x67 -x68 -x69 -x70 -x71 -x72 -x73 -x74 -x75 -x76 -x77 -x78 -x79 -x80 -x81 -x82 -x83 -x84 -x85 -x86
-x87 -x88 x89 -x90 -x91 -x92 -x93 -x94 -x95 -x96 -x97 -x98 -x99 -x100 -x101 -x102 -x103 -x104 x105 x106 -x107 -x108 -x109 -x110 -x111 -x112
-x113 -x114 x115 -x116 x117 x118 x119 -x120 -x121 -x122 -x123 -x124 x125 x126 x127 x128 -x129 -x130 x131 -x132 -x133 -x134 -x135 -x136 -x137
x138 -x139 -x140 -x141 -x142 -x143 -x144 -x145 x146 -x147 x148 -x149 -x150 x151 -x152 -x153 -x154 -x155 -x156 -x157 x158 -x159 -x160 -x161
x162 -x163 -x164 -x165 x166 -x167 -x168 x169 -x170 x171 -x172 -x173 -x174 x175 -x176 -x177 -x178 x179 x180 -x181 x182 x183 -x184 -x185 x186
x187 -x188 x189 -x190 x191 -x192 -x193 x194 -x195 x196 x197 -x198 x199 x200 -x201 -x202 -x203 -x204 -x205 -x206 -x207 -x208 -x209 -x210
-x211 x212 -x213 -x214 -x215 -x216 x217 -x218 -x219 -x220 -x221 -x222 -x223 -x224 -x225 -x226 -x227 -x228 -x229 -x230 -x231 -x232 -x233
-x234 -x235 -x236 -x237 x238 -x239 -x240 -x241 -x242 -x243 -x244 -x245 -x246 -x247 -x248 -x249 -x250 -x251 -x252 x253 -x254 -x255 -x256 x257
-x258 -x259 -x260 -x261 -x262 -x263 -x264 -x265 -x266 -x267 -x268 -x269 -x270 -x271 -x272 -x273 -x274 -x275 -x276 -x277 x278 -x279 -x280
-x281 x282 -x283 -x284 -x285 -x286 x287 -x288 -x289 -x290 -x291 -x292 -x293 -x294 -x295 x296 -x297 -x298 -x299 -x300 x301 -x302 x303 -x304
-x305 -x306 -x307 -x308 x309 -x310 x311 -x312 -x313 -x314 -x315 -x316 -x317 -x318 -x319 -x320 -x321 x322 -x323 x324 -x325 -x326 -x327 -x328
-x329 -x330 -x331 -x332 -x333 -x334 -x335 -x336 -x337 -x338 x339 -x340 x341 -x342 x343 -x344 -x345 -x346 x347 -x348 x349 -x350 -x351 x352
x353 x354 x355 -x356 -x357 -x358 x359 -x360 -x361 -x362 x363 x364 -x365 -x366 x367 x368 -x369 -x370 -x371 -x372 x373 x374 -x375 x376 x377
-x378 -x379 -x380 x381 -x382 -x383 -x384 -x385 -x386 -x387 x388 -x389 x390 -x391 x392 x393 -x394 x395 -x396 -x397 x398 -x399 -x400