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General information on the benchmark

Bench CategoryOPT-SMALLINT-NLC (optimisation, small integers, non linear constraints)
Best result obtained on this benchmarkSAT
Best value of the objective obtained on this benchmark-120
Best CPU time to get the best result obtained on this benchmark1800.14
Has Objective FunctionYES
(Un)Satisfiability was provedYES
Best value of the objective function -111
Optimality of the best value was proved NO
Number of variables500
Total number of constraints500
Number of constraints which are clauses0
Number of constraints which are cardinality constraints (but not clauses)0
Number of constraints which are nor clauses,nor cardinality constraints500
Minimum length of a constraint10
Maximum length of a constraint22
Number of terms in the objective function 500
Biggest coefficient in the objective function 1
Number of bits for the biggest coefficient in the objective function 1
Sum of the numbers in the objective function 500
Number of bits of the sum of numbers in the objective function 9
Biggest number in a constraint 1
Number of bits of the biggest number in a constraint 1
Biggest sum of numbers in a constraint 500
Number of bits of the biggest sum of numbers9
Number of products (including duplicates)6318
Sum of products size (including duplicates)12636
Number of different products3159
Sum of products size6318

Results of the different solvers on this benchmark

Solver NameTraceIDAnswerobjective functionCPU timeWall clock time
PB09: SCIPspx SCIP with SoPLEX 1.4.1(24.4.2009) (complete)3737081SAT (TO)-120 1800.14 1800.43
clasp 2.0.6-R5325 (opt) (complete)3709650SAT (TO)-113 1800.11 1800.41
pwbo 2.0 (complete)3704526SAT (TO)-113 1800.19 900.44
pwbo 2.02 (complete)3726827SAT (TO)-113 1800.54 900.435
PB11: Sat4j Res//CP 2.3.0 (complete)3737086SAT (TO)-112 1800.11 1059.73
PB07: minisat+ 1.14 (complete)3721696SAT (TO)-111 1800.05 1800.41
SAT 4j PB RES // CP 2.3.2 Snapshot (complete)3688666SAT (TO)-111 1800.1 1020.04
PB10: SAT4J PB RES // CP 2.2.0 2010-05-31 (complete)3737083SAT (TO)-111 1800.52 1042.93
SAT4J PB specific settings 2.3.2 snapshot (complete)3711246SAT (TO)-109 1800.34 1787.06
PB09: bsolo 3.1 (complete)3737080SAT-108 1798 1798.32
bsolo 3.2 (complete)3708484SAT-108 1798 1798.32
PB07: bsolo 3.0.17 (complete)3737078SAT (TO)-107 1800.08 1800.41
Sat 4j PB Resolution 2.3.2 Snapshot (complete)3688667SAT (TO)-97 1800.57 1747.66
PB10: SCIPspx SCIP with SoPlex 1.4.2 (CVS Version 30.5.2010) as LP solver (complete)3737085SAT-86 1789.74 1790.03
SCIP spx SCIP with SoPlex fixed (complete)3691482SAT-85 1797.25 1797.56
PB07: Pueblo 1.4 (incomplete)3720447SAT-84 1783 1783.3
SCIP spx E SCIP Exp with SoPlex fixed (complete)3692648SAT-84 1797.28 1797.6
SCIP spx standard SCIP with SoPlex standard fixed (complete)3693814SAT-83 1797.4 1797.73
PB11: SCIP spx E_2 2011-06-10 (fixed) (complete)3737087SAT-81 1797.25 1797.59
PB12: minisatp 1.0-2-g022594c (complete)3724095? 0.006998 0.00727004
PB07: SAT4JPseudoResolution 2007-03-23 (complete)3737079? 1.07484 0.628373
wbo 1.7 (complete)3705722? 1799.52 1800
wbo 1.72 (complete)3728023? 1799.83 1800
PB09: SAT4J Pseudo Resolution 2.1.1 (complete)3737082? (exit code) 218.2 214.666
PB07: PB-clasp 2007-04-10 (complete)3737077? (TO) 1773.89 1900.02
npSolver inc-topDown (complete)3698602? (TO) 1800.02 1800.41
npSolver inc (complete)3700198? (TO) 1800.03 1800.31
npSolver inc-topDown (fixed) (complete)3747759? (TO) 1800.03 1800.41
npSolver inc-topdown-quickBound (complete)3703390? (TO) 1800.04 1800.41
toysat 2012-05-17 (complete)3707318? (TO) 1800.05 1800.51
pb2satCp2 2012-05-19 (complete)3695410? (TO) 1800.07 1800.62
npSolver inc-topdown-quickBound (fixed) (complete)3752547? (TO) 1800.09 1800.51
toysat 2012-06-01 (complete)3725691? (TO) 1800.1 1800.52
pb2sat 2012-05-19 (complete)3697006? (TO) 1800.11 1800.51
npSolver 1.0 (complete)3701794? (TO) 1800.12 1800.41
npSolver inc (fixed) (complete)3749355? (TO) 1800.12 1800.41
npSolver 1.0 (fixed) (complete)3750951? (TO) 1800.13 1800.41
PB10: pb_cplex 2010-06-29 (complete)3737084? (TO) 1800.24 515.716

Additionnal information

This section presents information obtained from the best job displayed in the list (i.e. solvers whose names are not hidden).

objective function: -120
Solution found:
x500 x499 -x498 -x497 -x496 -x495 -x494 -x493 x492 -x491 x490 -x489 x488 -x487 x486 -x485 -x484 x483 -x482 -x481 -x480 -x479 -x478 x477
-x476 -x475 -x474 -x473 x472 -x471 -x470 -x469 x468 x467 -x466 -x465 x464 x463 -x462 -x461 -x460 x459 x458 -x457 x456 x455 -x454 -x453 -x452
-x451 -x450 -x449 x448 -x447 -x446 -x445 -x444 x443 x442 -x441 -x440 -x439 x438 -x437 x436 x435 x434 -x433 -x432 -x431 -x430 x429 -x428 x427
-x426 -x425 -x424 x423 -x422 -x421 x420 -x419 -x418 x417 -x416 x415 -x414 -x413 -x412 -x411 -x410 x409 x408 -x407 -x406 -x405 -x404 x403
-x402 x401 -x400 x399 -x398 x397 -x396 -x395 -x394 -x393 -x392 x391 x390 x389 -x388 x387 -x386 -x385 x384 -x383 -x382 x381 -x380 x379 -x378
x377 -x376 -x375 -x374 -x373 x372 -x371 -x370 -x369 -x368 -x367 -x366 x365 -x364 -x363 -x362 x361 -x360 -x359 x358 -x357 x356 x355 x354
-x353 -x352 x351 x350 -x349 x348 -x347 -x346 -x345 -x344 -x343 -x342 -x341 -x340 x339 -x338 -x337 -x336 -x335 x334 x333 -x332 x331 -x330
-x329 -x328 x327 -x326 -x325 -x324 -x323 -x322 -x321 -x320 -x319 -x318 x317 -x316 x315 -x314 x313 x312 x311 x310 -x309 -x308 -x307 x306
-x305 -x304 -x303 x302 -x301 -x300 -x299 -x298 -x297 -x296 -x295 -x294 -x293 x292 -x291 -x290 -x289 -x288 x287 x286 -x285 -x284 -x283 -x282
-x281 x280 -x279 x278 -x277 -x276 -x275 -x274 -x273 -x272 -x271 -x270 -x269 -x268 -x267 -x266 x265 x264 x263 -x262 -x261 x260 x259 -x258
-x257 -x256 -x255 -x254 -x253 -x252 -x251 x250 -x249 -x248 -x247 -x246 -x245 x244 -x243 -x242 x241 -x240 -x239 -x238 -x237 -x236 x235 x234
x233 -x232 x231 x230 -x229 -x228 x227 x226 -x225 -x224 -x223 -x222 x221 -x220 -x219 x218 -x217 -x216 x215 -x214 -x213 -x212 -x211 -x210
-x209 x208 -x207 x206 -x205 -x204 -x203 -x202 -x201 -x200 -x199 -x198 -x197 -x196 -x195 -x194 -x193 -x192 x191 -x190 x189 -x188 -x187 -x186
-x185 -x184 -x183 -x182 -x181 -x180 -x179 -x178 -x177 -x176 -x175 x174 -x173 -x172 -x171 -x170 x169 -x168 -x167 -x166 -x165 -x164 -x163
-x162 -x161 -x160 -x159 -x158 -x157 -x156 x155 -x154 -x153 -x152 -x151 x150 -x149 x148 -x147 -x146 -x145 -x144 -x143 -x142 -x141 -x140 x139
-x138 -x137 -x136 -x135 -x134 -x133 -x132 -x131 -x130 -x129 -x128 -x127 -x126 -x125 -x124 -x123 -x122 x121 -x120 -x119 -x118 -x117 -x116
-x115 -x114 x113 -x112 -x111 -x110 -x109 x108 x107 -x106 x105 -x104 -x103 -x102 -x101 -x100 -x99 -x98 -x97 -x96 x95 x94 -x93 -x92 -x91 -x90
x89 -x88 -x87 -x86 -x85 -x84 -x83 -x82 -x81 x80 -x79 -x78 -x77 -x76 x75 -x74 -x73 -x72 -x71 -x70 -x69 -x68 -x67 -x66 -x65 -x64 x63 -x62 -x61
-x60 -x59 -x58 -x57 -x56 -x55 -x54 -x53 -x52 -x51 -x50 -x49 -x48 -x47 -x46 x45 -x44 -x43 -x42 x41 -x40 -x39 -x38 -x37 -x36 -x35 -x34 -x33
x32 -x31 -x30 -x29 x28 -x27 -x26 -x25 -x24 -x23 -x22 -x21 -x20 -x19 -x18 -x17 x16 -x15 -x14 x13 -x12 -x11 -x10 x9 -x8 -x7 -x6 x5 -x4 x3 -x2