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General information on the benchmark

Bench CategoryOPT-SMALLINT (optimisation, small integers)
Best result obtained on this benchmarkOPT
Best value of the objective obtained on this benchmark8
Best CPU time to get the best result obtained on this benchmark0.074988
Has Objective FunctionYES
(Un)Satisfiability was provedYES
Best value of the objective function 8
Optimality of the best value was proved YES
Number of variables100
Total number of constraints100
Number of constraints which are clauses100
Number of constraints which are cardinality constraints (but not clauses)0
Number of constraints which are nor clauses,nor cardinality constraints0
Minimum length of a constraint10
Maximum length of a constraint30
Number of terms in the objective function 100
Biggest coefficient in the objective function 1
Number of bits for the biggest coefficient in the objective function 1
Sum of the numbers in the objective function 100
Number of bits of the sum of numbers in the objective function 7
Biggest number in a constraint 1
Number of bits of the biggest number in a constraint 1
Biggest sum of numbers in a constraint 100
Number of bits of the biggest sum of numbers7
Number of products (including duplicates)0
Sum of products size (including duplicates)0
Number of different products0
Sum of products size0

Results of the different solvers on this benchmark

Solver NameTraceIDAnswerobjective functionCPU timeWall clock time
PB10: pb_cplex 2010-06-29 (complete)3734425OPT8 0.074988 0.0885379
SCIP spx standard SCIP with SoPlex standard fixed (complete)3693357OPT8 0.558914 0.560776
SCIP spx E SCIP Exp with SoPlex fixed (complete)3692191OPT8 0.569912 0.571388
SCIP spx SCIP with SoPlex fixed (complete)3691025OPT8 0.576911 0.578093
PB11: SCIP spx E_2 2011-06-10 (fixed) (complete)3734428OPT8 0.576912 0.577968
PB07: bsolo 3.0.17 (complete)3734419OPT8 0.590909 0.596768
PB09: SCIPspx SCIP with SoPLEX 1.4.1(24.4.2009) (complete)3734422OPT8 0.645901 0.646834
bsolo 3.2 (complete)3708027OPT8 1.39379 1.3951
PB09: bsolo 3.1 (complete)3734421OPT8 1.48177 1.48306
pb2sat 2012-05-19 (complete)3696549OPT8 22.1416 22.158
pb2satCp2 2012-05-19 (complete)3694953OPT8 27.8148 27.8262
npSolver inc-topDown (complete)3698145OPT8 34.3948 34.4027
PB07: Pueblo 1.4 (incomplete)3720226OPT8 34.3988 34.5609
npSolver inc-topdown-quickBound (complete)3702933OPT8 35.1197 35.1262
npSolver inc (complete)3699741OPT8 47.9577 47.975
npSolver inc-topdown-quickBound (fixed) (complete)3752090OPT8 52.9919 53.013
npSolver 1.0 (complete)3701337OPT8 53.3679 53.3848
npSolver inc-topDown (fixed) (complete)3747302OPT8 55.5486 55.556
npSolver 1.0 (fixed) (complete)3750494OPT8 73.6668 73.6839
npSolver inc (fixed) (complete)3748898OPT8 103.512 103.535
PB12: minisatp 1.0-2-g022594c (complete)3723638OPT8 103.565 103.581
PB07: minisat+ 1.14 (complete)3721437OPT8 142.448 142.471
pwbo 2.02 (complete)3726015OPT8 261.91 131.097
pwbo 2.0 (complete)3703714OPT8 292.71 146.487
clasp 2.0.6-R5325 (opt) (complete)3709193OPT8 1691.74 1692
PB10: SCIPspx SCIP with SoPlex 1.4.2 (CVS Version 30.5.2010) as LP solver (complete)3734426SAT8 1789.73 1790.01
SAT 4j PB RES // CP 2.3.2 Snapshot (complete)3688148SAT (TO)9 1800.03 908.557
Sat 4j PB Resolution 2.3.2 Snapshot (complete)3688149SAT (TO)9 1800.08 1794.16
PB10: SAT4J PB RES // CP 2.2.0 2010-05-31 (complete)3734424SAT (TO)9 1800.09 1139.44
PB09: SAT4J Pseudo Resolution 2.1.1 (complete)3734423SAT (TO)9 1800.25 1797.46
SAT4J PB specific settings 2.3.2 snapshot (complete)3710789SAT (TO)9 1800.43 1795.45
PB11: Sat4j Res//CP 2.3.0 (complete)3734427SAT (TO)9 1801.29 1131.96
PB07: PB-clasp 2007-04-10 (complete)3734418SAT (TO)9 1802.12 1802.42
PB07: SAT4JPseudoResolution 2007-03-23 (complete)3734420SAT (TO)10 1800.07 1797.52
wbo 1.7 (complete)3705235? 1799.54 1800.01
wbo 1.72 (complete)3727536? 1799.8 1800.01
toysat 2012-06-01 (complete)3725234? (TO) 1800.02 1800.31
toysat 2012-05-17 (complete)3706861? (TO) 1800.03 1800.31

Additionnal information

This section presents information obtained from the best job displayed in the list (i.e. solvers whose names are not hidden).

objective function: 8
Solution found:
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