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General information on the benchmark

Bench CategoryOPT-SMALLINT-LIN (optimisation, small integers, linear constraints)
Best result obtained on this benchmarkOPT
Best value of the objective obtained on this benchmark33
Best CPU time to get the best result obtained on this benchmark0.003998
Has Objective FunctionYES
(Un)Satisfiability was provedYES
Best value of the objective function 33
Optimality of the best value was proved YES
Number of variables190
Total number of constraints419
Number of constraints which are clauses419
Number of constraints which are cardinality constraints (but not clauses)0
Number of constraints which are nor clauses,nor cardinality constraints0
Minimum length of a constraint1
Maximum length of a constraint30
Number of terms in the objective function 92
Biggest coefficient in the objective function 1
Number of bits for the biggest coefficient in the objective function 1
Sum of the numbers in the objective function 92
Number of bits of the sum of numbers in the objective function 7
Biggest number in a constraint 1
Number of bits of the biggest number in a constraint 1
Biggest sum of numbers in a constraint 92
Number of bits of the biggest sum of numbers7
Number of products (including duplicates)0
Sum of products size (including duplicates)0
Number of different products0
Sum of products size0

Results of the different solvers on this benchmark

Solver NameTraceIDAnswerobjective functionCPU timeWall clock time
wbo 1.7 (complete)3705340OPT33 0.002998 0.00725996
pwbo 2.0 (complete)3703819OPT33 0.002998 0.00658989
pwbo 2.02 (complete)3726120OPT33 0.003998 0.00653199
wbo 1.72 (complete)3727641OPT33 0.003998 0.00631097
PB12: minisatp 1.0-2-g022594c (complete)3723743OPT33 0.003999 0.00688708
clasp 2.0.6-R5325 (opt) (complete)3709298OPT33 0.004998 0.00619199
PB07: Pueblo 1.4 (incomplete)3720367OPT33 0.006998 0.010447
PB07: minisat+ 1.14 (complete)3721608OPT33 0.012998 0.013498
PB09: bsolo 3.1 (complete)3736152OPT33 0.017996 0.018568
PB10: pb_cplex 2010-06-29 (complete)3736156OPT33 0.019996 0.017327
bsolo 3.2 (complete)3708132OPT33 0.019996 0.021651
toysat 2012-06-01 (complete)3725339OPT33 0.023995 0.025087
toysat 2012-05-17 (complete)3706966OPT33 0.023996 0.0251481
pb2satCp2 2012-05-19 (complete)3695058OPT33 0.036993 0.042943
PB07: bsolo 3.0.17 (complete)3736150OPT33 0.037993 0.0402121
pb2sat 2012-05-19 (complete)3696654OPT33 0.042992 0.0481809
SCIP spx standard SCIP with SoPlex standard fixed (complete)3693462OPT33 0.064989 0.0711601
PB10: SCIPspx SCIP with SoPlex 1.4.2 (CVS Version 30.5.2010) as LP solver (complete)3736157OPT33 0.079987 0.0807009
npSolver 1.0 (complete)3701442OPT33 0.086986 0.0895831
npSolver 1.0 (fixed) (complete)3750599OPT33 0.091985 0.097061
SCIP spx SCIP with SoPlex fixed (complete)3691130OPT33 0.135978 0.137365
SCIP spx E SCIP Exp with SoPlex fixed (complete)3692296OPT33 0.146976 0.148653
PB09: SCIPspx SCIP with SoPLEX 1.4.1(24.4.2009) (complete)3736153OPT33 0.167974 0.169223
PB11: SCIP spx E_2 2011-06-10 (fixed) (complete)3736159OPT33 0.239962 0.243922
PB07: PB-clasp 2007-04-10 (complete)3736149OPT33 0.246962 0.246024
SAT4J PB specific settings 2.3.2 snapshot (complete)3710894OPT33 0.373943 0.252827
PB07: SAT4JPseudoResolution 2007-03-23 (complete)3736151OPT33 0.404937 0.255168
Sat 4j PB Resolution 2.3.2 Snapshot (complete)3688491OPT33 0.404937 0.25992
PB09: SAT4J Pseudo Resolution 2.1.1 (complete)3736154OPT33 0.414936 0.25352
PB10: SAT4J PB RES // CP 2.2.0 2010-05-31 (complete)3736155OPT33 0.502923 5.18847
PB11: Sat4j Res//CP 2.3.0 (complete)3736158OPT33 0.531918 2.68505
SAT 4j PB RES // CP 2.3.2 Snapshot (complete)3688490OPT33 0.582911 2.70692
npSolver inc (complete)3699846? (problem) 0.012997 0.074184
npSolver inc-topDown (complete)3698250? (problem) 0.013997 0.0717421
npSolver inc-topdown-quickBound (complete)3703038? (problem) 0.015996 0.0882959
npSolver inc-topdown-quickBound (fixed) (complete)3752195? (problem) 0.019996 0.079017
npSolver inc-topDown (fixed) (complete)3747407? (problem) 0.021996 0.100365
npSolver inc (fixed) (complete)3749003? (problem) 0.022996 0.107769

Additionnal information

This section presents information obtained from the best job displayed in the list (i.e. solvers whose names are not hidden).

objective function: 33
Solution found:
x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x7 x8 x9 x10 x11 x12 x13 x14 x15 x16 x17 x18 x32 x33 x41 x42 x43 x44 x52 x53 x54 x55 x56 x57 x65 -x66 -x67 x68 x69 -x71 -x73
-x74 -x75 -x77 -x83 -x84 -x85 -x86 -x87 -x88 -x89 -x90 -x91 -x92 -x93 -x95 -x100 -x101 -x102 -x104 -x107 -x109 -x110 -x111 -x112 -x113 -x114
-x116 x120 -x122 -x123 -x124 -x125 -x126 -x127 -x128 -x130 -x134 -x136 -x139 -x143 -x145 -x147 -x149 -x152 -x157 -x159 -x161 -x163 -x165
-x168 -x171 -x175 -x178 -x181 -x186 -x189 -x6 -x70 -x76 -x19 -x20 -x21 -x22 -x94 -x23 -x24 -x25 -x26 -x27 x119 -x28 -x29 -x30 -x31 -x34
-x115 -x35 -x36 -x138 -x144 x37 -x38 -x39 -x151 -x40 x45 -x46 -x47 -x156 -x48 -x49 -x164 -x50 -x51 -x170 -x58 -x174 -x177 -x180 -x185 -x59
-x60 -x61 -x62 -x188 -x63 -x64 x72 -x78 -x79 -x80 -x81 -x129 -x82 x96 -x97 -x98 -x106 -x99 -x103 x105 -x108 x117 -x118 x121 -x131 -x132
-x133 -x135 x137 x140 -x141 -x148 -x142 x146 -x150 -x153 -x154 -x155 x158 -x167 -x160 -x162 x166 x169 -x172 -x173 x176 x179 -x182 -x183
-x184 x187 x190