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General information on the benchmark

Bench CategoryOPT-SMALLINT-LIN (optimisation, small integers, linear constraints)
Best result obtained on this benchmarkOPT
Best value of the objective obtained on this benchmark24890
Best CPU time to get the best result obtained on this benchmark0.028994
Has Objective FunctionYES
(Un)Satisfiability was provedYES
Best value of the objective function 24890
Optimality of the best value was proved YES
Number of variables644
Total number of constraints1034
Number of constraints which are clauses1034
Number of constraints which are cardinality constraints (but not clauses)0
Number of constraints which are nor clauses,nor cardinality constraints0
Minimum length of a constraint1
Maximum length of a constraint31
Number of terms in the objective function 353
Biggest coefficient in the objective function 2034
Number of bits for the biggest coefficient in the objective function 11
Sum of the numbers in the objective function 561307
Number of bits of the sum of numbers in the objective function 20
Biggest number in a constraint 2034
Number of bits of the biggest number in a constraint 11
Biggest sum of numbers in a constraint 561307
Number of bits of the biggest sum of numbers20
Number of products (including duplicates)0
Sum of products size (including duplicates)0
Number of different products0
Sum of products size0

Results of the different solvers on this benchmark

Solver NameTraceIDAnswerobjective functionCPU timeWall clock time
PB10: pb_cplex 2010-06-29 (complete)3736090OPT24890 0.028994 0.0296109
PB10: SCIPspx SCIP with SoPlex 1.4.2 (CVS Version 30.5.2010) as LP solver (complete)3736091OPT24890 0.038993 0.039947
PB11: SCIP spx E_2 2011-06-10 (fixed) (complete)3736093OPT24890 0.041993 0.043582
SCIP spx E SCIP Exp with SoPlex fixed (complete)3692311OPT24890 0.041993 0.0424059
PB09: SCIPspx SCIP with SoPLEX 1.4.1(24.4.2009) (complete)3736087OPT24890 0.045992 0.045984
SCIP spx standard SCIP with SoPlex standard fixed (complete)3693477OPT24890 0.048992 0.0491339
SCIP spx SCIP with SoPlex fixed (complete)3691145OPT24890 0.051991 0.053239
wbo 1.7 (complete)3705355OPT24890 0.38494 0.387074
wbo 1.72 (complete)3727656OPT24890 0.395939 0.390386
pwbo 2.02 (complete)3726135OPT24890 0.943855 0.47371
pwbo 2.0 (complete)3703834OPT24890 0.953854 0.476522
npSolver inc (fixed) (complete)3749018OPT24890 16.5835 16.5912
npSolver 1.0 (fixed) (complete)3750614OPT24890 17.0294 17.0483
npSolver inc (complete)3699861OPT24890 19.3101 19.336
npSolver 1.0 (complete)3701457OPT24890 19.472 19.4733
pb2sat 2012-05-19 (complete)3696669OPT24890 20.7858 21.11
pb2satCp2 2012-05-19 (complete)3695073OPT24890 735.788 738.183
clasp 2.0.6-R5325 (opt) (complete)3709313SAT (TO)24890 1800.03 1800.31
SAT 4j PB RES // CP 2.3.2 Snapshot (complete)3688478SAT (TO)24890 1800.1 941.729
PB11: Sat4j Res//CP 2.3.0 (complete)3736092SAT (TO)24890 1800.11 975.427
PB10: SAT4J PB RES // CP 2.2.0 2010-05-31 (complete)3736089SAT (TO)24890 1800.18 1014.63
PB07: Pueblo 1.4 (incomplete)3720361SAT25328 1783 1783.28
PB07: PB-clasp 2007-04-10 (complete)3736083SAT (TO)26026 1802.11 1802.42
bsolo 3.2 (complete)3708147SAT26324 1798 1798.4
PB12: minisatp 1.0-2-g022594c (complete)3723758SAT (TO)26547 1800.09 1800.41
PB09: bsolo 3.1 (complete)3736086SAT26600 1798 1798.28
PB07: bsolo 3.0.17 (complete)3736084SAT (TO)26600 1800.03 1800.31
Sat 4j PB Resolution 2.3.2 Snapshot (complete)3688479SAT (TO)26674 1800.07 1794.34
PB07: minisat+ 1.14 (complete)3721602SAT (TO)26876 1800.1 1800.41
PB09: SAT4J Pseudo Resolution 2.1.1 (complete)3736088SAT (TO)27342 1800.48 1794.22
PB07: SAT4JPseudoResolution 2007-03-23 (complete)3736085SAT (TO)28038 1800.03 1789.82
SAT4J PB specific settings 2.3.2 snapshot (complete)3710909SAT (TO)30538 1800.02 1791.43
npSolver inc-topDown (fixed) (complete)3747422? (problem) 5.08 5.28836
npSolver inc-topdown-quickBound (fixed) (complete)3752210? (problem) 5.16 5.33619
npSolver inc-topdown-quickBound (complete)3703053? (problem) 8.26 8.43526
npSolver inc-topDown (complete)3698265? (problem) 8.54 8.71904
toysat 2012-06-01 (complete)3725354? (TO) 1800.03 1800.31
toysat 2012-05-17 (complete)3706981? (TO) 1800.03 1800.31

Additionnal information

This section presents information obtained from the best job displayed in the list (i.e. solvers whose names are not hidden).

objective function: 24890
Solution found:
-x56 -x58 -x60 -x62 -x64 -x66 -x68 -x70 -x72 -x74 -x76 -x77 -x79 -x80 -x81 -x82 -x84 -x86 -x88 x89 -x91 -x93 -x95 -x97 -x99 -x100 -x102
-x104 -x105 -x107 -x109 -x111 -x113 -x115 -x117 -x119 -x120 -x122 -x124 -x126 -x127 -x129 -x131 -x133 -x135 -x137 -x139 -x140 -x142 -x144
-x146 -x148 -x150 -x152 -x154 -x156 -x158 -x160 -x162 -x164 -x166 -x168 -x170 -x172 -x174 -x176 -x178 -x180 -x182 -x184 -x186 -x188 -x190
-x192 -x194 -x196 -x198 x200 -x202 -x204 -x206 -x208 -x210 -x212 -x214 -x216 -x218 -x220 -x222 -x224 -x226 -x228 -x230 -x232 -x234 -x235
-x237 -x239 -x241 -x243 -x245 -x247 -x249 -x251 -x253 -x255 -x256 -x258 -x260 -x262 -x263 -x265 -x267 -x269 -x271 -x273 x274 -x276 -x278
-x280 -x282 -x283 -x285 -x287 -x288 -x290 -x292 -x293 -x295 -x297 -x299 -x301 -x303 -x305 -x307 -x309 -x310 -x311 -x313 -x314 -x316 -x318
-x319 -x321 -x323 -x324 -x326 -x327 -x329 -x331 -x333 -x334 -x336 -x338 -x340 -x342 -x343 -x345 -x346 -x348 -x349 -x350 -x352 -x354 -x355
-x357 -x358 -x359 -x360 -x362 -x363 -x365 -x367 -x368 -x370 -x371 -x373 -x375 -x377 -x379 -x381 -x383 -x385 -x387 -x388 -x389 -x391 -x393
-x395 -x397 -x399 -x401 -x403 -x405 -x407 -x409 -x410 -x412 -x414 -x416 -x418 -x420 -x422 -x423 -x425 -x426 -x428 -x430 -x432 -x434 -x435
-x437 -x439 -x441 -x443 -x445 x447 -x449 -x451 -x452 -x454 -x455 -x457 -x458 -x459 -x461 -x463 -x465 -x467 -x469 x470 -x472 -x473 -x474
-x475 -x477 -x479 -x481 -x482 -x483 -x485 -x486 -x487 -x489 -x490 -x492 -x493 -x494 -x496 -x498 -x500 -x502 -x503 -x505 -x506 -x508 -x510
x511 -x513 -x515 -x517 -x519 -x521 -x523 -x525 -x526 -x528 -x530 -x531 -x532 -x534 -x536 -x537 -x539 -x541 -x543 -x544 -x546 -x547 -x548
-x550 -x551 -x553 -x555 -x556 -x558 -x559 -x561 -x563 -x565 -x567 x569 -x570 -x571 -x573 -x574 -x575 -x576 -x578 -x580 -x581 x582 -x583
-x585 -x586 -x587 -x589 -x591 -x593 x594 -x595 -x596 -x598 -x599 x600 -x602 -x604 -x605 -x606 -x607 -x609 -x610 -x611 x612 -x613 -x615 x616
x617 -x618 -x619 -x621 -x622 -x623 x624 -x626 -x627 -x628 -x629 -x630 -x631 -x632 -x633 -x634 -x635 -x636 -x637 -x638 -x639 x640 x641 x642
x643 -x644 -x55 -x1 -x57 -x59 -x61 -x2 -x63 -x65 -x67 -x69 -x71 -x73 -x75 -x3 -x78 -x4 -x5 -x6 -x83 -x85 -x87 -x90 -x92 -x94 -x96 -x98 -x7
-x101 -x103 -x8 -x106 -x108 -x110 -x9 -x112 -x114 -x116 -x118 -x121 -x123 -x10 -x125 -x128 -x11 -x130 -x132 -x134 -x136 -x138 -x141 -x12
-x143 -x145 -x147 -x149 -x151 -x153 -x155 -x157 -x159 -x161 -x163 -x165 -x167 -x169 -x171 -x173 -x175 -x177 -x179 -x181 -x183 -x185 -x187
-x189 -x191 -x193 -x195 -x197 x199 -x201 -x203 -x205 -x207 -x209 -x211 -x213 -x215 -x217 -x219 -x221 -x223 -x225 -x227 -x229 -x231 -x233
-x13 -x236 -x238 -x240 -x242 -x14 -x244 -x246 -x248 -x250 -x252 -x254 -x257 -x259 -x261 -x15 -x264 -x266 -x268 -x270 -x272 -x275 -x277 -x279
-x281 -x284 -x286 -x16 -x289 -x291 -x17 -x294 -x296 -x298 -x300 -x302 -x304 -x306 -x18 -x308 -x19 -x312 -x20 -x315 -x317 -x21 -x320 -x322
-x22 -x325 -x23 -x328 -x330 -x332 -x335 -x337 -x339 -x24 -x341 -x344 -x25 -x347 -x26 -x27 -x351 -x28 -x353 -x356 -x29 -x30 -x361 -x364 -x31
-x366 -x369 -x32 -x372 -x374 -x376 -x378 -x380 -x382 -x384 -x386 -x390 -x392 -x394 -x396 -x33 -x398 -x400 -x402 -x404 -x406 -x408 -x411
-x413 -x415 -x417 -x34 -x419 -x421 -x424 -x35 -x427 -x429 -x431 -x433 -x436 -x438 -x440 -x442 -x444 x446 -x448 -x450 -x453 -x36 -x456 -x37
-x460 -x462 -x464 -x466 -x468 -x471 -x38 -x39 -x40 -x476 -x478 -x480 -x41 -x484 -x42 -x488 -x491 -x43 -x495 -x497 -x499 -x501 -x504 -x507
-x509 -x512 -x514 -x516 -x518 -x520 -x522 -x524 -x527 -x529 -x44 -x533 -x535 -x45 -x538 -x540 -x542 -x545 -x549 -x552 -x554 -x557 -x560
-x562 -x564 -x566 x568 -x572 -x46 -x577 -x579 -x47 -x584 -x588 -x590 -x592 -x48 -x49 -x597 x50 -x601 -x51 -x603 -x608 -x614 -x620 -x52 -x625
-x53 -x54