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General information on the benchmark

Bench CategoryOPT-SMALLINT-NLC (optimisation, small integers, non linear constraints)
Best result obtained on this benchmarkSAT
Best value of the objective obtained on this benchmark-57
Best CPU time to get the best result obtained on this benchmark1797.14
Has Objective FunctionYES
(Un)Satisfiability was provedYES
Best value of the objective function -60
Optimality of the best value was proved NO
Number of variables400
Total number of constraints601
Number of constraints which are clauses200
Number of constraints which are cardinality constraints (but not clauses)0
Number of constraints which are nor clauses,nor cardinality constraints401
Minimum length of a constraint2
Maximum length of a constraint400
Number of terms in the objective function 200
Biggest coefficient in the objective function 1
Number of bits for the biggest coefficient in the objective function 1
Sum of the numbers in the objective function 200
Number of bits of the sum of numbers in the objective function 8
Biggest number in a constraint 1
Number of bits of the biggest number in a constraint 1
Biggest sum of numbers in a constraint 400
Number of bits of the biggest sum of numbers9
Number of products (including duplicates)4976
Sum of products size (including duplicates)9952
Number of different products2488
Sum of products size4976

Results of the different solvers on this benchmark

Solver NameTraceIDAnswerobjective functionCPU timeWall clock time
SCIP spx E_2 2011-06-10 (fixed) (complete)3488675SAT-57 1797.14 1797.13
SCIP spx E SCIP with SoPlex [DEPRECATED] (complete)3450755SAT (TO)-57 1800.07 1800.12
SCIP spx 2 2011-06-10 (fixed) (complete)3485233SAT-49 1797.07 1797.03
SCIP spx SCIP with SoPlex [DEPRECATED] (complete)3452415SAT (TO)-49 1800.05 1800.03
clasp 2.0-R4191-patched (fixed) (complete)3491988SAT (TO)-47 1800.05 1800.01
clasp 2.0-R4191 [DEPRECATED] (complete)3469497SAT (TO)-47 1800.12 1800.12
bsolo 3.2 (complete)3462863SAT-45 1798.03 1797.98
Sat4j Res//CP 2.3.0 (complete)3454075SAT (TO)-43 1800.25 932.534
Sat4j CuttingPlanes 2.3.0 (complete)3456267SAT (TO)-42 1800.27 1795.8
Sat4j Resolution 2.3.0 (complete)3458459SAT (TO)-37 1800.07 1798.25
MinisatID 2.4.8-gmp [DEPRECATED] (complete)3466183? (TO)-36 1800.05 1800.03
MinisatID 2.4.8 [DEPRECATED] (complete)3464523? (TO)-36 1800.07 1800.02
MinisatID 2.5.2-gmp (fixed) (complete)3496496? (exit code) 0.000999 0.00588506
MinisatID 2.5.2 (fixed) (complete)3490396? (exit code) 0.001998 0.00571511
borg pb-opt-11.04.03 (complete)3481612? (MO) 147 144.178

Additionnal information

This section presents information obtained from the best job displayed in the list (i.e. solvers whose names are not hidden).

objective function: -57
Solution found:
-x364 x366 x370 -x297 x268 x312 -x330 -x310 -x388 x395 -x260 -x319 x263 -x331 -x276 x300 -x373 x374 -x358 x250 -x380 -x356 -x292 x315 x361
-x332 -x293 -x281 -x378 -x371 -x247 -x321 -x233 -x359 x383 -x223 -x397 -x339 -x266 -x264 -x322 -x240 -x313 -x352 x326 -x257 x218 x367 x280
-x234 x344 -x285 -x333 x311 x306 -x277 -x219 x363 x379 -x385 -x389 -x232 -x290 -x355 -x228 -x246 -x214 -x221 -x216 -x302 -x252 -x345 -x335
-x213 -x301 -x294 -x251 -x235 -x350 -x336 x244 -x382 -x381 -x384 x304 x328 x275 x217 -x261 x308 -x222 -x299 -x354 -x230 -x210 -x329 -x357
-x284 -x346 x227 -x398 -x314 -x209 x396 x365 -x270 -x392 x327 -x307 -x267 -x254 -x317 -x320 -x318 -x287 -x220 -x243 -x212 -x351 -x309 x271
-x334 x278 -x368 -x372 -x272 -x305 x206 -x236 -x211 x387 -x237 x298 -x249 x238 -x225 x390 -x400 -x283 x205 -x324 x303 x245 x229 -x323 x353
-x282 x348 x289 x393 -x349 -x295 -x204 -x360 -x342 -x256 -x291 x279 x362 x207 x375 x337 -x215 -x255 -x399 -x288 x231 -x208 -x269 -x338 x286
-x248 -x274 x239 x343 -x316 -x391 x253 -x224 -x296 -x376 -x242 -x203 -x340 -x394 -x325 -x259 -x201 -x262 -x258 -x265 -x202 -x377 -x273 -x341
-x226 -x241 -x369 x386 -x347 -x200 x199 -x198 -x197 -x196 -x195 -x194 -x193 -x192 x191 -x190 x189 x188 -x187 -x186 x185 -x184 -x183 x182
x181 x180 -x179 x178 -x177 x176 -x175 -x174 -x173 -x172 x171 -x170 -x169 -x168 -x167 -x166 -x165 x164 -x163 -x162 -x161 -x160 x159 -x158
x157 -x156 -x155 x154 -x153 x152 -x151 x150 x149 -x148 x147 x146 -x145 -x144 -x143 x142 x141 x140 -x139 -x138 -x137 -x136 x135 x134 -x133
-x132 -x131 -x130 x129 -x128 -x127 -x126 x125 -x124 -x123 x122 x121 -x120 -x119 x118 x117 x116 -x115 -x114 x113 -x112 -x111 -x110 -x109
-x108 x107 -x106 -x105 -x104 -x103 -x102 -x101 -x100 x99 -x98 x97 x96 -x95 x94 -x93 -x92 -x91 x90 -x89 -x88 x87 -x86 -x85 -x84 -x83 -x82 x81
-x80 -x79 -x78 -x77 -x76 -x75 -x74 x73 -x72 -x71 -x70 -x69 -x68 x67 -x66 x65 -x64 -x63 -x62 -x61 x60 x59 x58 -x57 -x56 -x55 -x54 -x53 x52
x51 -x50 -x49 -x48 -x47 -x46 -x45 -x44 -x43 -x42 -x41 x40 -x39 -x38 -x37 -x36 -x35 x34 -x33 -x32 -x31 -x30 -x29 -x28 -x27 -x26 x25 -x24 -x23
x22 -x21 x20 -x19 -x18 -x17 -x16 -x15 -x14 -x13 -x12 -x11 x10 -x9 -x8 -x7 -x6 -x5 -x4 -x3 x2 x1