The Compile! Team

The Compile! Team

Frédéric Koriche

Frédéric Koriche is a professor of Computer Science at IUT of Lens. His research topics include machine learning, constraint programming, and knowledge compilation.

Jean-Marie Lagniez

Dr. Jean-Marie Lagniez is assistant professor at the IUT of Lens since 2014. He is a specialist of constraint programming and SAT solving. He is also involved in a number of automated reasoning projects, including the computation of MUSes, knowledge compilation and model counting.

Emmanuel Lonca

Dr. Emmanuel Lonca is research ingeneer at Artois University since 2015. His research activities deals with knowledge compilation and optimization tasks, especially on compiled forms.

Pierre Marquis

Pierre Marquis is a professor of Computer Science at Artois University. His research activities are mainly concerned with artificial intelligence, and more specifically with knowledge representation in a broad sense. For many years, he is specifically interested in reasoning under inconsistency (from several perspectives, including belief revision and belief merging, paraconsistent logics, argumentation), and knowledge compilation (in a nutshell, how pre-processing can be used to improve AI tasks from a computational point of view.)

Stefan Mengel

Stefan Mengel is a CNRS researcher at the Lens Computer Science Research Lab. His research lies in the intersection of complexity theory, combinatorics and algorithmics and is focused on applications in artificial intelligence and database theory. In knowledge compilation he is working on theoretical aspects, in particular lower bounds and upper bounds based on graph decomposition techniques.