Fourth International CSP Solver Competition
(CSP, Max-CSP and Weighted-CSP competition)


Results of the competition
Archive of all instances used in the competition


The updated deadlines of the competition are defined below:

Opening of the registration site May 2009
Pre-registration of contestants
authors planning to submit solvers or benchmarks must have requested a login/password on the submission site before that date.
May 30, 2009
Final registration (submission of solvers and benchmarks)
authors must submit solvers or benchmarks before that date
June 10, 2009
Test of solvers conformance
solvers will be tested on a limited number of simple benchmarks to check conformance with the competition rules. Problems will be reported to authors who will have one week to return a fixed version of their solver.
1-15 June 2009
Publication of the list of benchmarks selected by the independent committee
the names and md5sum of benchmarks selected by the independent committee to evaluate the solvers will be published. The selection committee will try to keep some instances hidden to both contestants and organizers for one more week (to ensure that all solvers be run on a few instances that were never tested before). No benchmark can be added to the list after it is published.
Early June
Competition running
Authors will be able to consult the results of their solver regularly in order to report potential problems with the evaluation environment.  By the end of July, authors are requested to check the first results of the competition in order to report potential problems as early as possible.
after June, 16
Deadline for submitting a description of the solvers or benchmarks
July, 15
Final limit for reporting possible problems within the evaluation environment. August, 15
Final results available during CP 2009

Call for Solvers and Benchmarks

The call for solvers and benchmarks is available in different formats. It details the rules of the competition.

XML format XCSP 2.1

You will find the description of the format XCSP 2.1 in the following document:

If your objective is only to participate to the 2009 competition, then read the dedicated description of the format in the following document:

Useful Tools for Competitors

Parsers that are currently available are:

Other tools that are currently available from this page are:

Benchmarks and Results from the Previous Competition

Benchmarks and results of the CPAI08 competition are available at this site.