CoQuiAAS is an open-source software developed to answer a current need in the Artificial Intelligence community : the ability to solve efficiently inference tasks about argumentation frameworks. Our software provides the sufficient reasoning tools to work with the usual acceptability semantics (Complete, Preferred, Stable and Grounded) and the usual inference tasks (compute one extension, enumerate all the extensions, credulous acceptance and skeptical acceptance). CoQuiAAS recently won first place at the First International Competition on Computational Argumentation.


Sat4j is a java library for solving boolean satisfaction and optimization problems. It can solve SAT, MAXSAT, Pseudo-Boolean, Minimally Unsatisfiable Subset (MUS) problems. Being in Java, the promise is not to be the fastest one to solve those problems (a SAT solver in Java is about 3.25 times slower than its counterpart in C++), but to be full featured, robust, user friendly, and to follow Java design guidelines and code conventions (checked using static analysis of the source code). The library is designed for flexibility, by using heavily the decorator and strategy design patterns. Furthermore, Sat4j is open source, under the dual business friendly Eclipse Public License and academic friendly GNU LGPL license.

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