CHAFIK Anasse, PhD student at CRIL.

Centre de Recherche en Informatique de Lens.

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Brief Bio

Hi everbody, my name is CHAFIK Anasse and I am a PhD student at CRIL Lens, France. I have obtained my baccalaureate in 2012, finished my engineering degree at the "Ecole nationale des sciences appliquées" Tangier, Morocco, and got my master degree on Artificial intelligence at the Université d'Artois in Lens.

Currently, I am working on my thesis on Defeasible Temporal Logic for the specification and the verification of the exception-tolerant systems, under the mentorship of Jean-François CONDOTTA, Fahima Cheikh-Alili, and Ivan Varzinczak.

My fields of interest are:

  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning,
  • Temporal Logic,
  • Non-monotonic reasoning.

Thesis Subject

The non-monotononic reasoning allows to formalize and reason with exceptions and dynamism of information, it has been widely studied by the IA community for over 40 years now. However, the major contributions in this area are limited to the propositional framework, so can be expressive for the above tasks. It is only recently that some approaches to non-monotonic reasoning, such as constituency, default rules and preferential approaches, have been studied for more expressive logics than propositional logic, including modal and description logics. The objective of our study is to establish a bridge between temporal formalisms for the specification and verification of computer systems and the different approaches to non-monotonic reasoning.

Keywords:     Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Temporal Logic, Non-monotonic Reasoning.


school     Academic career
Since 2018 PhD student at the CRIL laboratory.
2017-2018 Master degree (Artificial Intelligence) at Faculté Jean Perrin. Lens,France.
2012-2017 Engineering degree (Computer Science) at ENSAT. Tangier, Morocco.
2011-2012 Bachelor degree (Mathematics) at Ibn Al Khattib High school. Tangier, Morocco.
work   Professional Experience
2018 Research Internship at CRIL: "Defeasible Temporal Logic".
2017 Developed a platform that manages the construction permit process in Tangier Free Zone.
2016 Build the LaBTIC website.
poll    Skills
Languages Arabic, English, French.
Programming C, Perl, Java.
Web Development HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, PHP.


First year

Supervised Practical work:

  • Web design: Html/css.
  • Algorithmic and Data structures: Python.