List of accepted papers

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List of accepted papers

Long papers

# Authors Title
8 Kawsar Noor, Anthony Hunter and Astrid Mayer Analysis of Medical Arguments from Patient Experiences Expressed on the Social Web
9 Romain Rincé, Romain Kervarc and Philippe Leray On the Use of WalkSAT Based Algorithms for MLN Inference in Some Realistic Applications
12 Eisa Alanazi, Malek Mouhoub and Mahmoud Halfawy A New System for the Dynamic Shortest Route Problem
15 Paul Darwen Bayesian Model Averaging for Streamflow Prediction of Intermittent Rivers
21 Yifan Liu, Zengchang Qin, Pengyu Li and Tao Wan Stock Volatility Prediction Using Recurrent Neural Networks with Sentiment Analysis
26 Aymeric Rateau, Wim Van der Borght, Marcello Mastroleo, Alessandro Pietro Bardelli, Alessandro Bacchini and Federico Sassi Development of a novel driver model offering human like longitudinal vehicle control in order to simulate emission in real driving conditions
27 Anders Madsen, Nicolaj Søndberg-Jeppesen, Mohamed Sayed, Michael Peschl and Niels Lohse Applying Object-Oriented Bayesian Networks for Smart Diagnosis and Health Monitoring at both Component and Factory Level
28 Nicholas Nechval A New Dynamic Model for Anticipatory Adaptive Control of Airline Seat Reservation via Order Statistics of Cumulative Customer Demand
29 Wissam Siblini, Reda Alami, Frank Meyer and Pascale Kuntz Supervised Feature Space Reduction for Multi-Label Nearest Neighbors
30 Han Wang and Jia-Ling Koh Timeline Summarization for Event-related Discussions on a Chinese Social Media Platform
33 Yuyan Sun, Yuxuan Liang, Zizhen Zhang and Jiahai Wang M-NSGA-II: A Memetic Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Route Balancing
34 Seda Polat Erdeniz, Alexander Felfernig, Muesluem Atas, Trang Tran, Michael Jeran and Martin Stettinger Cluster-Specific Heuristics for Constraint Solving
35 Ofer Arieli, Annemarie Borg and Christian Strasser Argumentative Approaches to Reasoning with Consistent Subsets of Premises
37 Amanda Whitbrook, Qinggang Meng and Paul Chung A Robust, Distributed Task Allocation Algorithm for Time-Critical, Multi Agent Systems Operating in Uncertain Environments
39 Fabian Braun, Olivier Caelen, Evgueni N. Smirnov, Steven Kelk and Bertrand Lebichot Improving Card Fraud Detection through Suspicious Pattern Discovery
42 Md Hossain and Khandaker Rahman An Empirical Study on Verifier Order Selection in Serial Fusion Based Multi-biometric Verification System
49 Wan-Jui Lee Contextual Air Leakage Detection in Train Braking Pipes
50 Ma Thi Chau, Tabia Karim, Lagrue Sylvain, Le Thanh Ha, Bui The Duy and Nguyen Thanh Thuy Annotating movement phrases in Vietnamese folk dance videos
51 Jeng-Shyang Pan, Zhenyu Meng, Huarong Xu and Xiaoqing Li A matrix-based implementation of DE algorithm: the compensation and deficiency
53 Andrea Capotorti and Marco Baioletti An efficient probabilistic merging applied to statistical matching
54 Amal Matar and Rym M'Hallah Particle Swarm Optimization for Vehicle Routing Problem with Multiple Time Windows
61 Ana Paula Genari Martin, Paulo E. Santos and Marjan Safi-Samghabadi Consistency Check in a Multiple Viewpoint System Reasoning about Occlusion
63 Ludovik Çoba and Markus Zanker Replication and reproduction in recommender systems research - evidence from a case-study with the Rrecsys library
68 Sylvie Doutre, Faustine Maffre and Peter McBurney A Dynamic Logic Framework for Argumentation: Adding and Removing Arguments
71 Cherif Dani, Mohamed Cherif Dani, Henri Doreau and Samantha Alt Data Driven Framework for HPC Health Monitoring using Log Data
72 Teeradaj Racharak, Satoshi Tojo, Nguyen Duy Hung and Prachya Boonkwan Combining Answer Set Programming with Description Logics for Analogical Reasoning under an Agent’s Preferences
73 Giulianella Coletti, Davide Petturiti and Barbara Vantaggi Interval-based possibilistic logic in a coherent setting
74 Asma Trabelsi, Zied Elouedi and Eric Lefevre A novel k-NN approach for data with uncertain attribute values
75 Nikolaos I. Spanoudakis, Elena Constantinou and Antonis C. Kakas Modeling Data Access Legislation with Gorgias
77 Amira Dhouib, Abdelwaheb Trabelsi, Christophe Kolski and Mahmoud Neji A Multi-Criteria Decision Support Framework for Interactive Adaptive Systems Evaluation
80 Raoua Abdelkhalek, Imen Boukhris and Zied Elouedi A New User-Based Collaborative Filtering Under the Belief Function Theory
82 Angelo Gilio and Giuseppe Sanfilippo Conjunction and disjunction among conditional events
92 Adam Wyner and Hannes Strass dARe – Using Argumentation to Explain Conclusions from a Controlled Natural Language Knowledge Base
93 Fadwa Oukhay, Hajer Ben Mahmoud and Taieb Ben Romdhane Application of Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method for Developing a Control Plan
106 Julia Mollee, Eric Fernandes de Mello Araujo and Michel Klein Exploring Parameter Tuning for Analysis and Optimization of a Computational Model
108 Sabrine Ben Abdrabbah, Manel Ayadi, Raouia Ayachi and Nahla Ben Amor Toward Partial Preference Information in Group Recommendation Systems using Voting Rules
109 Nassima Ben Hariz, Hela Khoufi and Ezzeddine Zagrouba On Combining Imputation Methods for Handling Missing Data
110 Julia Mollee and Michel Klein Empirical validation of a computational model of influences on physical activity behavior
111 Sara Maqrot, Simon De Givry, Gauthier Quesnel and Marc Tchamitchian A Mixed Integer Programming Reformulation of the Mixed Fruit-Vegetable Crop Allocation Problem
113 Mehdi Kaytoue Mining the Lattice of Binary Classifiers for Identifying Duplicate Labels in Behavioral Data
114 Kennedy Kambona, Thierry Renaux and Wolfgang De Meuter Efficient Matching in Heterogeneous Rule Engines
115 Muesluem Atas, Alexander Felfernig, Thi Ngoc Trang Tran, Martin Stettinger and Seda Polat Erdeniz An Analysis of Group Recommendation Heuristics for High- and Low-Involvement Items
117 Fu-Shiung Hsieh, Fu-Min Zhan and Yi-Hong Guo Car Pooling Based On A Meta-heuristic Approach
118 Gloria Bordogna and Simone Sterlacchini Volunteered Geographic Information management supported by Fuzzy Ontologies and level-based ap-proximate reasoning
121 Hugo Lewi Hammer and Anis Yazidi Incremental Quantiles Estimators for Tracking Multiple Quantiles
134 Armando Collado, Maria D. R-Moreno, David F. Barrero and Daniel Rodriguez Machine learning approach to detect falls on elderly people using sound
137 Hanqing Zhao, Zengchang Qin, Weijia Liu and Tao Wan A Bayesian Model of Game Decomposition
138 Lina Abassi and Imen Boukhris A gold standards-based crowd label aggregation within the belief function theory
142 Mariam Ben Hassen, Faiez Gargouri and Mohamed Turki Towards Extending Business Process Modeling Formalisms with Information and Knowledge Dimensions
144 Nahla Ben Amor, Didier Dubois, Héla Gouider and Henri Prade Graphical representations of multiple agent preferences
146 Fernando Ropero, Daniel Vaquerizo, Pablo Muñoz and María Dolores Rodríguez An advanced teleassistance system to improve life quality in the Elderly
147 Montassar Ben Messaoud, Ilyes Jenhani, Eya Garci and Toon De Pessemier SemCoTrip: A variety-seeking model for recommending travel activities in a composite trip
148 Omar Eltayeby, Todd Eaglin, Malak Abdullah, David Burlinson, Wenwen Dou and Lixia Yao Detecting Drinking-Related Contents on Social Media by Classifying Heterogeneous Data Types
149 Sara Meftah, Antoine Cornuéjols, Juliette Dibie and Mariette Sicard Data collection and analysis of usages from connected objects: some lessons
151 Bingbin Yu, José de Gea Fernández, Yohannes Kassahun and Vinzenz Bargsten Learning the Elasticity of a Series-Elastic Actuator for Accurate Torque Control
153 Domen Soberl and Ivan Bratko Reactive motion planning with qualitative constraints
154 Mahdi Washha, Aziz Qaroush, Florence Sedes and Manel Mezghani Information Quality in Social Networks: A Collaborative Method for Detecting Spam Tweets in Trending Topics
156 Christoph Beierle and Steven Kutsch Regular and Sufficient Bounds of Finite Domain Constraints for Skeptical C-Inference
158 Anis Yazidi, Hugo Lewi Hammer and Tore Jonassen Two-Timescale Learning Automata for Solving Stochastic Nonlinear Resource Allocation Problems
160 Jaen Alberto Arroyo, Cecilia Gomez-Castaneda, Elias Ruiz, Enrique Munoz de Cote, Francisco Gavi and Luis Enrique Sucar Assessing Nitrogen Nutrition in Corn Crops with Airborne Multispectral Sensors
163 Hao Shao Active Learning for Text Mining from Crowds
166 Hamido Fujita, Vidya Sudarshan and Rajendra Acharya Characterization of Cardiovascular Diseases Using Wavelet Packet Decomposition and Nonlinear Measures of Electrocardiogram Signal
167 Riyi Qiu, Mirsad Hadzikadic and Lixia Yao Estimating Disease Burden Using Google Trends and Wikipedia Data
168 Xing Wu, Zhikang Du, Shuji Dai, Yazhou Liu and Mingyu Zhong Chinese Lyrics Generation using Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network
169 Bo Xu, Yong Xu, Jiaqing Liang, Chenhao Xie, Bin Liang, Wanyun Cui and Yanghua Xiao CN-DBpedia: A Never-Ending Chinese Knowledge Extraction System
170 Yinglin Wang, Yi Huang and Ming Wang Aspect-Based Rating Prediction on Reviews Using Sentiment Strength Analysis
171 Wanqiu Kou, Fang Li and Zhe Ye Using Topic Labels for Text Summarization
172 Deng Cai and Hai Zhao Pair-Aware Neural Sentence Modeling for Implicit Discourse Relation Classification
173 Muhammad Amith, Yaoyun Zhang, Hua Xu and Cui Tao Knowledge-based Approach for Named Entity Recognition in Biomedical Literature, a Use Case in Biomedical Software Identification
174 Olivia Zhang, Yaoyun Zhang, Jun Xu, Kirk Roberts, Xiang Y. Zhang and Hua Xu Interweaving Domain Knowledge and Unsupervised Learning for Psychiatric Stressor Extraction from Clinical Notes
175 Ondrej Krejcar and Orcan Alpar Biometric Keystroke Signal Preprocessing Part I: Signalization, Digitization and Alteration

Short papers

# Authors Title
7 Shiang-Tai Liu An application of fuzzy signal-to-noise ratio to the evaluation of manufacturing processes
10 Giulia Mastrodonato, Domenico Camarda, Caterina De Lucia and Dino Borri The effect of rotation in the navigation of multi-level buildings: A pilot study
19 Giovanni Rottoli, Hernan Merlino and Ramon Garcia-Martinez Co-Location Rules Discovery Process Focused on Reference Spatial Features Using Decision Tree Learning
23 Tracey John and Dwaine Clarke Virtual Career Advisor System with an Artificial Neural Network
36 Nicholas Nechval Adaptive Planning In-Service Inspections of Fatigued Structures in Damage Tolerance Situations via Observations of Crack Growth Process
45 Sabrine Mallek, Imen Boukhris, Zied Elouedi and Eric Lefevre Evidential Link Prediction in Uncertain Social Networks Based on Node Attributes
55 Behrouz Afshar Nadjafi, Mehdi Yazdani and Mahyar Majlesi A hybrid of tabu search and simulated annealing algorithms to solve the preemptive project scheduling problem with setup times
56 Roxane Koitz, Johannes Lüftenegger and Franz Wotawa Model-Based Diagnosis in Practice: Interaction Design of an Integrated Diagnosis Application for Industrial Wind Turbines
57 Ikram Chraibi Kaadoud, Nicolas Rougier and Frederic Alexandre Implicit knowledge extraction and structuration from electrical diagrams
70 Thierno Kante and Philippe Leray A Probabilistic Relational Model approach for Fault Trees modeling
76 Khaled Alomari, Hatem Elsherif and Khaled Shaalan Arabic Tweets Sentimental Analysis using Machine Learning
78 Jean Baratgin, Giulianella Coletti, Frank Jamet and Davide Petturiti Experimental evaluation of the understanding of qualitative probability and probabilistic reasoning in young children
86 C. Natalie van der Wal, Maik Couwenberg and Tibor Bosse Getting Frustrated: Modelling Emotion Contagion in Stranded Passengers
89 C. Natalie van der Wal, Daniel Formolo and Tibor Bosse IMPACT: an agent-based evacuation model with social contagion mechanisms
94 Rallou Thomopoulos and Dominique Paturel Multidimensional analysis through argumentation? Contributions from a short food supply chain experience
97 Mounira Souli, Ahmed Badreddine and Taieb Ben Romdhane A New model to implement a SWOT Fuzzy ANP
100 Karim El Mernissi, Pierre Feillet, Nicolas Maudet and Wassila Ouerdane Introducing causality in business rule-based decisions
101 Rallou Thomopoulos, Bernard Moulin and Laurent Bedoussac Combined Argumentation and Simulation to Support Decision: Example to Assess the Attractiveness of a Change in Agriculture
102 Imen Chaouch, Olfa Belkahla Driss and Khaled Ghedira Elitist Ant System for the Distributed Job shop Scheduling Problem
105 Olivier Mason, Jean Baratgin and Frank Jamet NAO robot, transmitter of social cues: what impacts? The example with “endowment effect”
107 Narjes Ben Hariz and Boutheina Ben Yaghlane Incremental Method for Learning Parameters in Evidential Networks
123 Orestes Appel, Francisco Chiclana, Jenny Carter and Hamido Fujita A consensus approach to sentiment analysis
125 Bing Zhou, Hyuk Cho and Adam Mansfield Robust Sensor Data Fusion through Adaptive Threshold Learning
127 Kuniko Yamada, Hiroshi Ueda, Harumi Murakami and Ikuo Oka Presenting Mathematical Expression Images on Web to Support Mathematics Understanding
130 Lionel Torti, Christophe Gonzales and Wuillemin Pierre-Henri aGrUM: a Graphical Universal Model framework
132 Laura Pandolfo and Luca Pulina ADNOTO: A Self-Adaptive System for Automatic Ontology-Based Annotation of Unstructured Documents
145 Christoph Beierle, Christian Eichhorn and Gabriele Kern-Isberner On Transformations and Normal Forms of Conditional Knowledge Bases
155 Ismael Sagredo-Olivenza, Pedro Pablo Gómez-Martín, Marco Antonio Gómez-Martín and Pedro A. González-Calero Using Program by Demonstration and Visual Scripting to supporting Game Design
157 Didier Dubois and Henri Prade A set-valued approach to multiple source evidence
159 Jerzy Martyna Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning for Routing in Multi-Hop Cognitive Radio Networks
164 Zarrouk Rim, Imed Bennour, Abderrazek Jemai and Abdelghani Bekrar FJS Problem under Total Machine Breakdown
176 Ondrej Krejcar and Orcan Alpar Biometric Keystroke Signal Preprocessing Part II: Manipulation
177 Ondrej Krejcar, Ali Selamat and Kamil Kuca Arduino as a Control Unit for the System of Laser Diodes


# Authors Title
43 Dennis Romero, Angely Oyola and Boris Vintimilla A Dijkstra-based algorithm for selecting the Shortest-Safe Evacuation Routes in dynamic environments (SSER)
46 Marco Menapace and Armando Tacchella Ontologies in System Engineering: a Field Report
60 Annemarie Borg, Daniel Frey, Dunja Seselja and Christian Strasser An argumentative agent-based model of scientific inquiry
83 Fadoua Chakchouk, Julien Vion, Sylvain Piechowiak, René Mandiau, Makram Soui and Khaled Ghedira Replication in fault-tolerant distributed CSP
87 Ismat Chaib Draa, Emmanuelle Grislin and Smail Niar An energy-aware learning agent\\for power management in mobile devices
140 Evangelos Karampotsis, Konstantinos Boulas, Alexandros Tzanetos, Vasilios P. Androvitsaneas, Ioannis F. Gonos, Georgios Dounias and Ioannis A. Stathopulos Computational Intelligence Techniques for Modelling the Critical Flashover Voltage of Insulators: From Accuracy to Comprehensibility
178 Ondrej Krejcar and Ali Selamat Optimal Route Prediction as a Smart Mobile Application of Gift Ideas