Reconciling Description Logic and Non-Monotonic Reasoning in the Legal Domain

This project seeks to align Description Logics with non-monotonic formalisms in general and with the so-called Default or Defeasible Logics in particular, so that one can model dynamic situations, exceptions and other non-monotonic aspects of reasoning, such as legal reasoning and legal services argumentation. In particular, we shall investigate the barriers Description Logics are faced with; for instance, handling exceptions not explicitly contemplated in the normative literature. Thus, this project also includes the addition of non-monotonic features to an already built prototype that allows for reasoning about legal cases, thereby integrating the monotonic and non-monotonic semantics to be tested with complex cases arising from legal practice.

Joint research program with Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE) funded by CNRS and FACEPE (Brazil).