Rooms and rates that we propose are valid until 31st July. The number of rooms is limited.

There are a large number of hotels in Lille, so you can choose the one that best fits your preferences. We nonetheless propose two low-budget options:


Gastama is a hostel with various dorm sizes (from 3 to 8 beds with or without private bathroom), in the nicest part of the town (Vieux-Lille), with a nice bar in the basement, and at the walking distance (15 minutes) from the ACAI venue.

The lowest price is 21 euros per night (in an 8 bed dorm), so 105 euros for the week. Another possibility is 28 euros per night in a 4 bed dorm with private bathroom, so 140 euros for the week. All the rates can be found here. We have pre-booked a limited number of rooms which will be available until July 31st.

To book a bed, you can directly contact Gastama. Mention ACAI in your reservation, and Gastama will try to put people from ACAI in the same dorms. You can also benefit from the breakfast for 3 euros. If you want to be sure to share a private room with other ACAI attendees you can contact us ( to give us your constraints, and we will try to do the matching.

B&B Hôtel Lille Centre Grand Palais

B&B Hôtel Lille Centre Grand Palais is a recent hotel in a new part of Lille, very close to the centre and at the walking distance (25 minutes) from the ACAI venue. There is also a very cheap (almost free) bike-sharing system in Lille that you can use. If you prefer metro, the hotel is only two stations away from the ECAI venue. We have pre-booked a limited number of twin rooms until July 31st, that participants can share. The price is 55 euros per night per room, so 27.5 euros per person per bed, i.e. 137.5 euros for the week. To book a bed please contact us at We will make the matching, and we will contact you to give you your room-mate and the instructions to complete your bookings. If you already know with who you want to share a room, or if you want to have a single room contact the hotel directly as soon as possible by following this link.
facade of a building in Lille