Research grants and projects

  1. ANR (National Research Agency) project : ASPIQ ASP technologIes for Querying large scale multisource heterogeneous web information (Techniques ASP pour l'interrogation d'informations web hétérogènes multisources à grande échelle, 2012-2016).
  2. ANR (National Research Agency) project : DADDi (Dependable Anomaly Detection with Diagnosis, 2005- 2008).
  3. ANR (National Research Agency) project : PLACID (Probabilistic graphical models and description Logics for Alarm Correlation in Intrusion Detection 2007 -- 2010).
  4. ANR (National Research Agency) project : MICRAC (Causal reasoning, 2005-2009).
  5. Project DESIRS (Access control and program proofs, 2003-2006).
  6. Project DICO (Cooperative Intrusion detection, 2001-- 2004).
  7. Project MP6 (Access control in healthcare information systems, 2001 -- 2004).
  8. European project FUSION (Fusion of Uncertain Data for Sensors, Information Systems and Expert Opinions), 1996-2000.
  9. European project ReViGiS (Revision Geographical Information Systems), 2001-2004.
  10. European project e-COURT electronic Court: judicial IT-based management, 2001-- 2003.
  11. European project "DRUMS-2" (Defeasible Reasoning and Uncertainty Management Systems), 1990-1994.
In addition to these projects, I was involved in several joint projects : Italy (University of Padova), Algeria (USTHB, Algiers), Australia (University of Newcastle), Spain (IIIA Bellaterra), Irland (Queen's Belfast), etc.