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DecMining is a web page dedicated to declarative approaches for data mining. It contains software, datasets, publications and related links to others research groups. This work has been supported by the French ANR project DAG “Declaratives approaches for Enumerating Interesting Patterns” under the Défis program. Some of these tools are developed in collaboration with DAG consortium (LIRIS, University of Lyon 1, LIMOS, University Blaise Pascal Clermont-Ferrand). Link : (...)

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QAT (in French)

QAT est une librairie Java proposant des outils complets pour résoudre des réseaux de contraintes qualitatives. Toute algèbre qualitative peut être représentée sous QAT. Pour plus d’information ou pour obtenir le logiciel, contacter Mahmoud Saade (saade AT

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MUC extraction

The MUC extraction page When a Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) admits no solution, it can be useful to pinpoint which constraints are actually contradicting one another and make the problem infeasible. This page proposes a recent heuristic-based approach to compute infeasible minimal subparts of discrete CSPs, also called Minimally Unsatisfiable Cores (MUCs). This approach, called CB(full-wcore), is based on the heuristic exploitation of the number of times each constraint has been (...)

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Alloy 4 Eclipse

An eclipse plugin for the Alloy 4 specification language.

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