An overview of Parallel SAT Solving

Youssef Hamadi

Speaker: Youssef Hamadi (Microsoft Research)

This talk will present an overview of parallelism in SAT. It will start with a presentation of classical divide and conquer techniques, discuss their ancient origin and compare them to more recent portfolio-based algorithms. It will then present the impact of clause-sharing on their performances and discuss various strategies used to control the underlying communication overhead.

AI for airborne systems : be determined, time has arrived

Patrick Taillibert

Speaker: Patrick Taillibert (Thales Aerospace, AI Laboratory)

The talk will present Thales Airborne Sytems achievements in Artificial Intelligence, more precisely in multiagent systems and constraints logic programming. Applications will be demonstrated. The importance of supporting research activities in AI for an industrial company will be emphasized.

Self-driven rewards for an autonomous robot: An information theoretic approach

Michèle Sebag

Speaker: Michèle Sebag (Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique)

A challenge in Cognitive Robotics is that the robot should face the real world (as opposed to, a simulated world), and require as little human guidance as possible (thus having little evidence about the good and the bad). Defining robotic "instincts", telling the robot what to do in a self-driven manner, is one way of addressing this challenge. This talk will discuss some approaches implementing some "curiosity instinct", where the robot wants to predict what will happen next, or experience many diverse sensori-motor states.