Simple Conformance Test

The archive below contains a few simple programs to test the conformance of your solver to the requirements of the PB06 evaluation concerning the solver output. These tests are far from being complete and will only detect obvious violations of the evaluation rules. The most important point is that these test are mostly concerned with the syntax output by your solver. No serious test of the correctness of your solver is performed.
Download the tests archive

To use these tests, download the archive, unpack it and change to the PB06ConformanceTest.

tar xvzf PB06ConformanceTest.tar.gz
cd PB06ConformanceTest

Edit the file PB06ConformanceTest and change the commandLine variable. It must contain the command line that you must use to run your solver. BENCHNAME and RANDOMSEED are placeholders for the instance file name and the random seed, respectively. They will be replaced appropriately by the test program.

$commandLine="/path/yourProgramName BENCHNAME RANDOMSEED";

Type make to compile the auxilliary programs and run the test.

The tests create a few files

To clean all the files that were created, type

make clean