Benchmarks that may be used in the evaluation

This page lets you download a preliminary set of benchmarks that may be used during the evaluation. Currently, only linear pseudo-Boolean instances are available.

Each benchmark that was initially named file has been normalized and renamed to normalized-opb-file. Comments in the original files were preserved as much as possible. Comments indicating the number of variables and constraints, as well as the initial file name and the variables renaming have been prepended.

We insist on the fact that these files are only a preliminary set of benchmarks that is only made available so that you can test your solvers. Some benchmarks will be removed from the evalution because they are too easy, or duplicates of another benchmark, or incorrectly translated, etc. Besides, the evaluation will use other benchmarks which are not yet available.

These benchmarks come from different sources
For each instance file that does not use only small integers, a new instance will be generated with reduced coefficients. These instances are named normalized-reduced-file. Reduced coefficients are obtained by dividing all numbers in a constraint by a same number so that the resulting constraint fits in category SMALLINT. This ensures that we will have more instances in the SMALLINT category than in any other ones. Keep in mind however that a reduced constraint is not equivalent to the initial one. Therefore normalized-reduced-file does not have the same semantics as file.
Linear instances used in the PB06 evaluation are available here.